Birth Date
28 / August / 1984
61 kg 124 lbs
The type of man that I desire

About my family i was born and finished school in a village. She is very kind, understanding and supportive. I like cooking very much and think my man will be happy to taste my new dishes every day. I think my man should be clever and smart, cute and with sense of humour, generous and reliable, sincere and frank, loving and passionate. I keep healthy lifestyle and i appreciate healthy sleep .

About my family

She will always give you a helping hand and ask nothing in return. You will never be bored with her. We all enjoy being together doing everything we prefer. My father was a very loving man and he had a habit of telling my mother caring words and compliments every day. My family is average.

Domestic abilities

I like to do things round the house. They bring some fresh air to my flat and it really brings me joy! I like to take care of him and this also takes a great part of my day. I usually don't prepare some desserts very often, because I don't want to spoil my figure, but I will be always glad to treat my future husband with some cakes and pies. I like cooking, like cleaning the house a lot - I like the feeling when everything is in order and clean. I would like to know what preferences in food he has so it would be easier to please him. :) I like to keep it tidy and cozy. Of course I cook mostly Russian dishes but sometimes try to prepare some dishes of Italian cousin. But here is one thing I hate to do - cleaning the dust from shelves)

What I do in my leisure time?

I have a lot of different interests, I am a very active girl. I like going for a walk to the parks or just spending time in nature. In my free time I go to the dance school and I learn there how to dance bachata, jazz-funk and Latin dance. It is really nice to spend the rainy evening with a book or watching a good film. I prefer mostly a quiet rest, as I work much. I have various interests and I can spend my free evening in a different way. Last year I discovered for myself Latin dances and now I'm in love with it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Smart and elegant. You can always rely on her and be sure that she will be there for you in any situation. She knows how to create homy atmosphere and she knows how to be attractive for her man and to please him. She is a very positive and optimistic person. Also she is a good mother and she wants to have her own family so badly! This lady is very pleasant in communication and sober in mind. She is easy going, talkative and friendly.

How would I describe myself

I am lonely girl which is looking for her ideal second part! I like to smile and enjoy every single day ! I try to be always beautiful inside and outside -) I can say that I love to try something new in different areas like sports, food, places to see. I can be romantic and dreamy nevertheless, I am a quite practical person. It will help me to reach my main goal in life. I don't want to talk much about how good am I. I dream to be happy and loved.

My typical day

They make me happy. We enjoy doing lot of activities together, starting with running in the morning and ending with designing new cloth. I think it's very important to feel that you've chosen the right way in your life. On Sundays we usually go to the children hospital to do morning gymnastics with kids. I also like to cook something light and tasty. Each day should be full of new discoveries and achievements. and I make sure of it every single minute. In between my work I look after my plants, I help my granny and cook something tasty for us both.

My future goals are

I am a cheerful, optimistic, easy-going young lady. I am active, positive, friendly and open-minded. Red - haired girls are considered to be little bit crazy so if you are up to fun and many great emotions - let's get acquainted ! What a life will be without friends and family?

Im dating a white man

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Im dating a white man