Birth Date
12 / December / 1998
47 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like sports and traveling. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! They are very supportive of each other, and of me. After it i can read a book or watch some movie and then go to bed. I want to find a man with a deep and beautiful inner world, maybe he could be a romantic person, somebody who could understand my tender soul and somebody who could stoke it.

About my family

And I am sure I will have more time to spend with my beloved :) I will be ready to give him all my attention and time :)IThe type of man that I desire I need attentive and caring man in my life. I am very close with my mom. That's why there are a lot of plants at home, that I water every day. Our personal opinion of this Lady Tania is a very charming lady with a bright smile and a kind heart! Our personal opinion of this Lady We think that Natalia is a woman who will give all her love and care to her beloved person.

Domestic abilities

I like cooking and doing all what is necessary around the house. What I like the most about the domestic abilities-is cooking, especially I love to bake! I enjoy cooking a lot - that's a special process for me, I like being in the kitchen. I love decorative and wild-flowers. My home is always clean. :) I enjoy to create comfort and cosiness at home. That is why my flat is always clean. Cleaning up my apartment is a pleasure for me! When I have a day-off, I wear my home jeans shorts and start to put everything in order.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like sharing my time with friends. When the weather is good I can enjoy a long walk, alone or with my best friend. -) My Granny always said that "A hungry man is an angry man". I do my best to make her the happiest in the world! Only our imagination helps us to wander in there. I like to lie on the sofa to cover with a blanket and to read an impressive book or to visit my son and to spend some time with his family. I think that while we are young we have to enjoy our lives.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

We will be glad if she finds a true love here because such a kind and open person deserves the best! It's easy to notice that she is a wonderful mother and is very serious about her search of a husband. She definitely knows what she wants and we hope that we will help her in finding the perfect match for her. The lady is young but she has bad experience in her past relationships. katy is very cheerful and open-minded lady, she is very kind and creative, she can be a designer not only of the house, but also of your life, we think that such lady can make your life very special and outstanding Her smile makes people happier:) we noticed some sparkles and mystery in her beautiful brown eyes. She can't stop smiling, and day becomes brighter with her.

How would I describe myself

Do the right things right - that is my life moto and you can be sure that I am following it! Some people think I am 18 when they meet me. The biggest thing I need, is a right man with whom I can feel like a little girl again. And I am ready to give my heart to the person who deserves it. When I finish my working day, I rush to my favourite dancing school. I am the best and you will see it :) I am full of life, care and love! I like summer, sun, sky and chocolates :) I am a very good at getting people to laugh and look at the bright side of things.

My typical day

And the next 4 days of my life are similar. It is not only money but also respect and appraisal of my work what matter a lot for me. I wake up in the morning and help my mom to cook breakfast. After work I go to gym. Shower. At this moment I watch Game of Thrones and my friends start to be jealous because I used to spend evenings with them having a dinner and sharing girls’ secrets. As I am a student, I have my classes every day. In the evening I like to meet with friends, former classmates.

My future goals are

I like to be adventurous and active lady in all my duties. I am a quite energetic lady who has a kind heart and an open soul. The age doesn't matter for me, because I believe that the most important feature is the internal beauty of the man. I know that my real destination and happiness lay in a family hearth and reciprocal care.

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