Birth Date
9 / October / 1996
51 kg 120 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Travelling opens new horizons and makes me happy. That is why i am here! who knows how to treat a woman and how to be a real gentleman :) My working days go by very fast. Life is too short to be alone, let`s share warmth of our hearts!

About my family

Lady about herself I am a very loving and reliable person! I hope my family will be like this. I was lucky to be born and brought up in a loving and supportive family. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)It's intriguing like finding an unknown world. I have elder sister Tanya.

Domestic abilities

I love him very much. I do all the house chores because I like when everything around me looks tidy and clean. I taught my daughter to keep all her toys and other things in her room in order. In spite of that thing that I don't have my own yet (I live with my friends, we rent a flat) my present place for living is very pleasant to come back after long working day. I adore to invite my closest friends and of course I want them to enjoy being in my apartment. I adore flowers and pay much attention to it. Sometimes I buy new things for home decoration. I have many of them and they make my home look nice and cozy. That's why there are a lot of plants at home, that I water every day.

What I do in my leisure time?

So if you have children, you can understand me. I lead an active life style and I pay attention to the food I eat. I can say the same about good movies. My favorite toy is a film camera and it’s hard to describe what a feeling it is! Who doesn't like traveling? I have lots of hobbies that are close to sports so I love to play team games in the fresh air in summer with my friends, arrange picnics or go hiking somewhere. I like various kinds of sports.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has sparkles in her eyes and she is ready and open to everything new. She looks like the sun ray! olya made a very good impression on everybody in the agency , she is open , nice and cheerful . Olga is an easy-going, kind-hearted and serious lady searching for her future husband. She is looking for a reliable partner to share her life with. She has charming smile and very kind eyes. This lady has a very good character, but at the same time, not so simple.

How would I describe myself

I am very honest. Well, about myself I can tell that I am active. I can always listen to another person and help without expecting anything in return. I like to communicate with different people on a different basis with no age restriction. I am desperately looking for a nice man to make my life brighter. As I've found from my painting, I have a big and sensual soul. And especially I need one special man – Man of my destiny – to be of one mind with him but not to lose our own individualities. I am kind, caring, creative, ambitious, reliable, witty and strong-willed.

My typical day

I wake up in the morning, make breakfast for my family, and then go to work. My day begins early in the morning. After breakfast I go to my work and my daughter goes on her studying. I am a dentist and I love my work. Not very interesting day, I know it but I am sure it will be not boring at least in the evening. Usually I have busy times at work, it requires a lot of attention and responsibility as it's connected with taking care of patients. So my day is started with cooking breakfast, taking my daughter to the kindergarten, and then running to the work. Usually my day starts with a cup of coffee.

My future goals are

So I wish to have the same one. What can I say about myself? I'm an easy-going lady, who is ready for new relations and feelings and will go with my beloved man to the edge of the world. I can be sometimes naive but honestly, I do not think that it is bad, just because I try to first see good things in the person and I try to know him/her and only then I make judgements.

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