Birth Date
27 / October / 1993
57 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Why not? Also i am fond of active sports, swimming, skiing. I would like him to be romantic enough, to be able to bright my days and to make me smile. I am fond of reading! I like doing some pleasant and nice things for my friends and familiars.

About my family

As for me, I like to spend my leisure time both in an active and passive way. Domestic abilities Of course, I always try to keep my house clean and cozy. Sure I can list the qualities I appreciate and respect in men such as honesty, faithfulness, kind heart and sense of humor, but only my heart will be able to tell who is going to make it beat faster. My future goals are My biggest goal at the moment is to create a nice family with a good and respectable man and I also dream to run a family business one day :-). I would like to meet right person, to share my wings and to make strong and happy family with him.

Domestic abilities

And the smiles of my nearest and dearest people is the best reward for me! May be one day I will invite you too, who knows. I hope that it all shows that I will be able to become a good and caring wife. I like to cook new recipes, and I know how I can bring pleasure to my man with tasty dishes. Most of all I love to cook something new and unusual. And I do my own personal stuff like cleaning your home, cooking good foods etc. My father and me, we live in a cozy house. But it is unfortunately impossible to grow this flowers at my home. Actually I like to do things about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to cook, bake, knit, watch TV. Among them are such as knitting, cooking, dancing, reading and watching movies. Every city has it's unique architecture and smell. :) I enjoy nature and spending time with my friends! and I would not mind company during it. I try to show all my devotion, imagination and creativity in my works. I'm a very versatile person, so I have a lot of things to do when I have free time.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a perfect mother and she loves her daughter. Her smile shines always and there is a spark in her eyes. Her beauty is shining! She is an educated woman. She is a sociable person and she is ready to find a common language with each person. This lady is very tender and feminine, but strong and reliable at the same time. She is dreaming about strong family and small floristic business.

How would I describe myself

I'm looking for a life partner, a nice man who will share my views and who is pursuing defiite goals in life. I am very honest and I will NEVER lie to my future beloved man. ) Would you like to get to know me better? I am not a troublemaker and I am not supporting argues. I adore going to spa. I believe that everything is for the better. I am not afraid to make great changes in life because life is movement. My motto is 'Never be sad, because life is too beautiful for wasting time for sadness!

My typical day

)) I consider that family is very important for woman so when I meet my beloved man I dedicate my time to him! Usually my day starts from the walk with my dog and a cup of delicious coffee. I just don’t like when my room is messy. Then I cook some healthy breakfast for my son and bring him to kindergarten. After my work I can meet with friends or go to the gym, or buy some vegetables and fruits for dinner. In the evening I usually meet my friends and spend evening with them at the park or come back home and read a book, cook something delicious, watch a movie. , make breakfast for my daughter, take her to school. In the evening I have a calm rest at home, read, watch TV, prepare some food, sometimes I meet with my friends.

My future goals are

I usually get along with people well and try to always help others. I am quite easy going, I like communication, I am romantic and passionate. I am a sincere and cheerful person! I love flowers.

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