Birth Date
16 / June / 1991
58 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It is a woman`s duty and pleasure :) Lady about herself i’m a passionate, optimistic & dedicated woman who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and see to it that i complete my tasks and assignments in time. Then i get ready to work. I am fond of active sports such as jogging, aerobics and cardio. I hope love will unite us and it will be already impossible to survive without each other.

About my family

My family is an ideal for me, but I am looking for beloved to make a loving couple! )) Also I have close relationship with my grandmother. Who will be loving father and husband. Then I get ready to work. My favorite dish is our Russian varenyky with cherries.

Domestic abilities

LOL Though maybe you want to help me with it? I like to cook and I think it will help me to win the heart of my beloved man)) And I'll do everything to make him happy! I do everything in my house and I can surely say I can do all about the house and I'm proud of it. But the favorite thing that I like to do around my house is cooking. My room-mates are always ready to help me with doing that. I adore cooking, I just can not imagine my life without it. The most I love to cook and I am good at cooking. I like to learn new recipes and try to make them by myself.

What I do in my leisure time?

The best way for me to spend my leisure time is to share it with my family and friends. It is very pleasant to come to a clean and cosy apartment where a tasty dinner is cooked by a beautiful lady. When the weather is not fine I like to stay at home and read an interesting book or watch a movie. I spend a lot of time outdoors at my weekends because I like to do sports to keep myself fit. I really love reading, and I have a lot of books at home. Of course I like to spend time with my family and friends. I adore spending time with my kids.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She wants to find a man who has the same outlooks on life. She is full of positive energy and open to life and people. We think that katie is a goodhearted, nice, kind and open person who is looking for being loved and for ability to give her love. She would be a good match and caring wife! She is an ambitious person, also cheerful and considerate. She is well-educated and intelligent. You will be happy to communicate with her and get to know her step by step.

How would I describe myself

I am not a damned wretch who knows how to play with men’s hearts. I am a funny and smart blond with ambitious character) I want to learn Italian, English, German, and Spanish languages. If you want to make this world better, you need start from yourself. I like accuracy and also the beauty of our world. Now it is time to make one more step to my destiny. I can say that I love to try something new in different areas like sports, food, places to see. I'm an open person, who is always ready for adventures. I am a very faithful and loyal woman, my man will never have to worry about me.

My typical day

I can cook meat, and I love cooking, but I myself chose to eat only plant food! Then I go to the work and I am at home in the evening. When I wake up in the morning, I do some yoga exercises to get that amazing energy charge for the whole day. I usually have a cup of tea with a sandwich or biscuits for breakfast. Fitness is my life priority also) I think that lady should look good in any weather, any day)) so gym is always in my schedule. I don't let anything steal our time together when we are playing games, reading, watching cartoons and cooking together :). On weekends I often meet my friends or parents. Sport and yoga, swimming pool, walking outdoors enjoying nature.

My future goals are

I am easy-going and polite, easy on a rise, and very active. I always put my best in everything I do, I'm a very responsible person. It’s not easy to talk about myself. I think, that main features of character are purposefulness, wisdom, responsibility, and diligence.

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