Birth Date
13 / August / 1982
46 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

i want to create warm and cozy atmosphere at home and i want my man to help me feel happy! Domestic abilities most of all i like cooking. Domestic abilities as a real lady, i love to treat my family with something special every day. But i am not dreaming, i have set a goal and now i am making my steps towards it! So i do rearranging pretty often.

About my family

I was brought up with love and care and my parents always gave me only the best. What I do in my leisure time? I always try to help people and advise how to solve their problems! I live with my mother and consider her my sister, best friend and a cat for her kitten. I like to spend my free time with friends and my son first of all.

Domestic abilities

I have so many nice ideas and fantasies . I like when my house is clean and tidy. When I clean my flat, I always have a sense of purity in my soul! It helps me to make my house cozier. Also I like to feel comfort in my room so I clean it every day:) I also cleaning. just recently I have bought some lavender plants and now they are living on my balcony (wonderful flavor :)) It's veeery delisious. I have gold hands and can do everything) I take all domestic chores on myself but most of all I enjoy cooking and baking.

What I do in my leisure time?

The most boring thing for me is to watch TV and doing nothing :) so I am always looking for some activities. But at the same time I am very sensitive and tender girl. But most of all I like knitting and needlework, I can make new things and decorate clothes. When I have free time I like to read, to go for walks, to cook and also to meet with my close friends and family. When it is summer I like to make a picnic and have a camping, go cycling. I also plan to become busy making a nice man happier day after day. Agree?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very attractive and intelligent. She is like a miracle. The lady is very active, friendly and goal-oriented. Intelligent, curious, rather-self-assured but very sweet and genuine at the same time. She is very charming and positive. At the same time olya has an attractive appearance. Beautiful, funny, sociable, responsible and with a wonderful smile.

How would I describe myself

I want to be the only one for you in whose eyes you will see the beauty of the sky :) Do you agree? And I am ready to change that awful situation. I am a very creative and active person, I love to try everything new all the time. I like to open new things in life: to read a fascinating book, to watch a documentary movie or just to find a new recipe. I am an active and cheerful person! I think the dream of being happy is common for all people and I am not an exception. In any company I feel myself good and very comfortable.

My typical day

Usually I come home lately in the evening because I have to work with all the clients. Every evening, when my son is playing, I am trying to find time to do some exercises, because I like keeping myself in a good shape. I cook breakfast every morning for her and then we spend some time together. That is the way 5 of 7 days of the week start for me. ))) But I like my busy hours, because resting after that is more pleasant. My evenings I love to spend with friends, or just read some interesting book or watch movie. I go to my work and I solve some problems. That is a must-do of the day, it helps to have a good and successful day and to stay in a perfect mood during the day!

My future goals are

I'm a nice lady with positive attitude and energy. I like active rest. I am not materialistic and I am not selfish at all. I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you.

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