Birth Date
19 / August / 1985
55 kg 133 lbs
The type of man that I desire

He is smart and kind. I am not looking for a prince! You see? I would like to be the inspiration for my second half and to spend the whole life with only the one man. I like fresh air, the sea, the sun, forests and mountains!

About my family

I'm divorced. She is my best adviser and friend, who gives me support any time I need. I know how to cherish people who are close to me. Spending time outdoors or go to the cinema is a real thing which will never make be bored-) I like to pamper people with whom I like to spend time:) Maybe that is why I am good at cooking:) You can't know for sure when your friends come to you to during some tea or coffee. Just listen!

Domestic abilities

are you strong man who ready to help tender and fragile lady? I love cooking something special but most of all I am pleased when my close people taste and praise my dishes :) I like cleaning and keeping my apartment nice and cosy. I like animals very much. My mother had excellent cooking skills and she taught me everything that she knew. I like to clean my flat, to do the washing up, to water and plant my pot flowers, to cook something tasty and healthy). I think, a clean place is that one where you do not make a lot of mess :) I am a tidy person. But not always I have a mood. I iron, I clean, I cook. I am very homy and I like to make everything pretty and clean there because I like to invite guests to my home.

What I do in my leisure time?

All things that friends do together ))) I like to stay in good shape and have some physical activities, that's why I go to fitness trainings. I am an artistic person. On the weekends we are trying to go out of town together to pick up mushrooms in the forest or to fish. I like to be photographed and do modeling for clothing shops but it's only one of my hobbies. I have friends who can can call true friends. :) However I would be happy to live in any place where my beloved is. I like always to keep a great physical shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It's very hard to guess a woman's secret. We say, that talented person is talented in everything and she is alive proof of this saying. It is a pleasure to communicate with such a positive lady. She loves her son really much, and she certainly knows how to care child and how to bring him up. She is very family-oriented and matured. The man who will meet with her will be happy for the rest of life ! Lady is very feminine and cheerful, she has unique fire in her eyes and she is ready for changes.

How would I describe myself

My friends always say that I am a small piece of happiness:) I have a mild character and it is easy for me to find new friends. I can say about myself that I am cheerful, sometimes like a child. I love to smile and to be happy. Then I am the one! Still I like to stand out, do not like to be as everyone else. I like sport so much and I like to spend time with family. I don't like lazy people who don't want to improve themselves . I would call myself as a little strange one.

My typical day

When I come home after work, I usually sleep a bit and then watch some nice movie or read, and after that I go to bed. After the working hours I try to walk in the fresh air, listen to music or read some interesting book. On weekend I can dedicate more time for myself, go shopping and visit my daughter's family. I'm a student, so on work days I study hard:). My days are not typical. Help my mom in the house cleaning and caring about plants. I am at work for 8 hours or even longer, so very often it takes me almost all my day to accomplish all the issues. Then I help my daughter to get ready for school.

My future goals are

I'm not afraid to be faithful to one man all my life. Each day for me is a kind of experience that makes me stronger either it's bad or good. I am a creative person. I consider myself as an active lady.

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