Birth Date
24 / May / 1987
49 kg 126 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I'm not looking for the perfect one, but i believe that the beloved man is always ideal! If you want to know me better, ask me, that’s not all…lady about herself i am different from others, i am unique and individual. Are you familiar with such body art as henna drawing? After this i go to my favorite work. Actually, i can do anything about the house and i really enjoy when it's tidy around!

About my family

We are very close. I wanted to help her so much! My mother and my father are my dearest people. I'm divorced, but I have a wonderful family which consists of my children, my daughter and son! And I have been living here all my life.

Domestic abilities

But I believe that order is important and it is always clean and cozy in my place. So it is a real pleasure for me to spend time with my beloved children. I like seafood and I can prepare delicious salads with crab's meat or mussels. I have so many other abilities but I hope that very soon I will have a man in my life who will be happy to share my abilities and help me at least a little bit. I like flowers. I am a real cook! I even iron properly --) I do chores around the house regularly because I don't like dusty environmental conditions. ) I always a have clean and comfortable home! I can't say that I love doing all that cleaning, washing up and ironing but what I do like doing is cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to spend time with my son and family. I also like to travel and try to visit some new places for getting an inspiration :) I cannot spend as much time as I want with my friends or my family, but whenever I have a possibility to be with them, I try to make these moments unforgettable. I like to listen to music. I enjoy taking care of my body and my soul, as I feel it is very important for a person. :) I like to listen to music and I adore dancing, I am pretty good at doing it! I like to travel a lot and to open for myself not only new countries, but also new cultures and in such a way to wide my outlook. I am sure that life is full of positive emotions and moments and I think it is sad to stay on one place and do nothing))).

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She creates a very special atmosphere around her. Shi is very active and romantic. What we mean is that she supports and helps as many people as she can in her life. This lady impresses with her good look and kind heart. We are pretty sure it is a dream of every man to be next to such a feminine and amazing woman. She is ready to meet you here and you? Positive girl with charming smile and big sparkling eyes))

How would I describe myself

If I do something I do it as good as I can! But for me achieving what I strive for is the most important thing. And at the same time I have a good sense of humor and that is why people who are near me, always laugh and in a good mood. I am cheerful, nice, kind, I have a mild character. Modesty is the sister of talent :) I'm not perfect and realize it, but I believe that I deserve a good man. I am caring, tender, love cooking and am passionate lady. I'm ready to build a family and looking for a person who is wants to achieve the same goals as me and will make our dreams come true. I am a very active and strong-willed person, I am looking for the same partner for myself because I believe that common goals and vision of life are important for marriage.

My typical day

I can't imagine my day without a cup of coffee. Then come back home and cook a breakfast and later I go to work. Sometimes I invite my friends to my place, sometimes we go out altogether. I do believe that my son and I should have breakfast and dinner together. But the evening is the time only for my daughter. One day I can work only two hours, another day it may take the whole day. I wake up early in the morning and do all the chores in the morning cos working from 14 or 15 pm… It depends upon the schedule and I work till the 6 or 7 pm. I usually have to do some paperwork there.

My future goals are

but I`m alone. I am hard working and aim-oriented. I am a true phlegmatic. I am funny, sociable, honest and trustful person.

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