Birth Date
7 / August / 1995
53 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am sure i would be a good wife and my future husband would come back home with pleasure after the hard working daythis text will be replacedsee her fascinating movements and charming smile. My future goals are i want to finish my university successfully and take master of sports in orientation. My typical day during my day i usually do lots of things! My family should be a shrine of love, a citadel of tenderness and care. I am also interested to try myself in the field of hr-manager as per my first specialization.

About my family

Family is very important for me! I am the only child in the family and I can say that I feel myself the happiest person in the world. Firstly I want to say that I love my family. But I realized that having a good man by my side is everything I desire at the moment. Our personal opinion of this Lady This lady is very nice, smart, beautiful and intelligent.

Domestic abilities

-) There is a nice garden and kitchen-garden near our house and I like to help my mom with doing some work there sometimes. Also I enjoy cooking. I am trying to do everything about the house and I can easily tell that I am not afraid of any work that can appear. So, she usually spends most of her time by cooking, by doing grocery shopping and by doing cleaning in our apartment, but I'm always ready to help her with doing that when I have time. I adore cooking and cleaning. I am sure you would like it if you tried one day-) So its a truth that my man will never be hungry -) I also do cleaning and take care of the plans in the family. I like to keep my house clean. I like to make my home cozy, clean and tidy. I try new delicious meals every day and I like to amaze my friends with it.

What I do in my leisure time?

That is what I practice time to time, but I agree to try each kind of sport which will influence positively on my body and my mind as well:) Also I am fond of photography. I like to open new horizons and find new opportunities! One of my favourite thing is decorating the house with the hand made things, sometimes I also sew clothes. I like nature and it helps me to express my feelings and my emotions. go for a walk in the park or go to the store to buy a pair of new shoes with my friend. But sometimes I just like to be at home and spend the evening in the quiet and calm atmosphere. In winter I prefer to stay at home, read books, watch movies.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Cooking helps her to express herself. This lady is very charming and generous. It's easy to notice that she is a wonderful mother and is very serious about her search of a husband. This lady is very sweet and ready to be a good partner for a reliable man! She wants to create her family and to be inspiration for her man. ) She is enough mature and she knows what she wants in life. Marisha is a very nice lady.

How would I describe myself

I think they develop closed abilities of your body. I am full of life, care and love! It is not the way of the rest I like. Well, what can I say? I am a hard worker. I like to motivate people. The half of my life was connected with track and field athletics. I am sure that it works both ways.

My typical day

I read book or watch tv, or interesting movie and go to bed. Music is my passion. Every day I get up very early and cook breakfast for my son and mom. I usually get up early in the morning. My typical day is very replete, active, bright and sporty. everything is quite usual. It doesn't matter if its summer or winter, I like to drink it all the time. If there is nothing special happens today, sure tomorrow the day will be brighter :)

My future goals are

I am like a book with many stories. I dream to be happy and loved. No, you should not think that I like to complicate things. I adore traveling and seeing places, trying new food, dancing, roses, being out with friends, quiet dinners with my daughter and much more.

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