Birth Date
9 / April / 1992
53 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

This text will be replacedsee her fascinating movements and charming smile. Scene is my second home and i am very devoted to it. i like men which can be a hearth of a company, who can joke, and who can be serious when needed. Lady about herself i consider myself real woman for family, i am well educated person, good mother and great housewife. It is my dream.

About my family

I also have my grandparents and I should say I love and respect them a lot as they are those people who also gave me their attention and I've learnt a lot from them still being a child. My mom is my best friend, she always supports me, understands and helps with a good advice! I am so happy to have them in my life. We try to support each other in every beginnings! I like to do everything that is needed about the house and like a real hostess I like to keep everything in order and look up into every corner of my house.

Domestic abilities

-) Of course, I usually keep my apartment clean and tidy. The most important thing is to make your house a real "Home" - cosy and comfortable, such a special place where everyone could relax and enjoy the moment. I like to cook of course:) But sometimes during the weekend I prefer to be lazy and can order some pizza :) I like to make my home cozy. Living apart from my parents requires me to take a good care about myself and do all the chores by myself. But I want very much to meet a person with whom these duties will change into joy. You will have something only after some efforts. I am a woman, but not a Cinderella. I really adore preparing food) That's why I can't say that this is my duty.

What I do in my leisure time?

As a sociable person I addore to spend time with my friends, and especially to get new friends, cause it's always so fun and interesting. My leisure time is something that I value very much. ) I express myself when I sing, so this is one of many things I like to do in my leisure time. I like to paint nice pictures and then to give them to my friends though it's only a hobby of mine and I am not very good at it --). I also very like to embroider the pictures with beads. I have already been to Turkey, Israel and Egypt. I can't live without walks along the lake or in the parks.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Maybe it's because the sparks in her eyes which attract and amuse you. She is serious in her search and she appreciates family greatly and wants to have her own in the nearest future. This charming lady wants to meet her soul mate and to create a family. She puts a lot of hopes into her search and we would like to help her as much as it is possible as there is no doubt in her serious intentions. She has so charming smile. iren is a very nice and goal-oriented lady. Katrin is very nice and good-looking lady.

How would I describe myself

I am very optimistic, positive and very romantic! Sometimes I can be shy a little. Like an average person I have my own pros and cons but I believe that these things don't determine a person. It is my weakness. My friends compare me to a FEATHER as my simple and friendly way of life never leaves a heavy imprint. I can describe myself as an open hearted and cheerful person. I want to be surrounded by love and in return I can give much love to you. I am a very cheerful, talkative and jolly person!

My typical day

If you are really interested in my likes, or dislikes, you can ask me, because here, I think, it is so little space to write all this-). And we have our breakfast in a such company. My morning starts with waking up early. I meet my son from school, give him lunch and then help him with home tasks. Or go home to do something about it. then can do some of the things around the house, after that go on the work . By the way, there I always drink delicious and fragrant coffee. When we are at home and my son is watching a cartoon, I practise my cooking witchcraft in the kitchen.

My future goals are

My principle is All is possible! I'm looking for love and happiness. I truly love it, and am pretty sure that it's the best city in Ukraine! I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you.

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