Birth Date
20 / November / 1992
46 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

What i do in my leisure time? My favorite book is "an american tragedy" by theodore dreiser. Dreaming about her own family. My father - the main person in my family, my mother - my support and my friend and an older brother, who always help me in different situations:) I sincerely believe that true love overcomes everything, so i i don't really care about the work, income or a housing of my beloved person!

About my family

She is a very wise woman and supports me all the time. I like smell of trees and meet sunsets and sun rising. He is married and has a little daughter. While cooking it I have my morning coffee with cookies or chocolate). Sometimes we get together in the kitchen, drink coffee and talk.

Domestic abilities

I also enjoy to experiment with food cooking that's why my man will never be hungry. Of course, creative chaos is not unlikely to appear from time to time - I'm not a pedant who will screw my man's brains out because of his socks under the couch, but I will not let him create a warehouse there. Of course my son is my first critic :) but usually he likes all my dishes and says my food is very tasty :) I need to clean everything up, wash, to do the dishes, to cook all by myself. I like doing everything about my house. But after my sister's moving all house abilities settled on my shoulders. Now I have cat, he is following me everywhere and always try to hide in my purse when I go to work, so sometimes I need to go back home to leave this "passenger" in right place :) I am a creative person. I like to decorate windows for winter with special paints))) Would you like to see your house cosy and comfortable?

What I do in my leisure time?

When I take a bicycle handlebar, I feel like I`m flying. I also like travelling so much) I was in Poland, Georgia, Turkey, Jordan, Armenia! I like to visit my relatives. My kid, my little boy is my happiness and I try to give him a lot of my free time, usually we play, train, go in for sports and just have fun on the playground. I like to read books, meet with my friends to go out together but most of all I like nature, beautiful landscapes and fresh air, so I try to go to picnics regularly. In my free time I like to go to the gym, to read books and to ride my bike, to travel, to have some short trips to other cities and discover new places, I am an adventurous person and looking for someone who will share the main adventure of my life with me-))) And I am pretty good at it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She can create a friendly and warm atmosphere around herself. She can fascinate you with her smile. She is very active and communicative). We have never seen such a tender lady, she is open and positve. This lady is very charming, communicative, easy-going, confident, attentive, reliable. Pay attentiong to this lady-she is worth to be happy. She is well-educated and very interesting in communication.

How would I describe myself

It's not difficult for me to find a common language with any person. My parents are a good example of the happy family. The half of my life was connected with track and field athletics. I am a pretty happy woman, but my heart is lonely! My favorite saying is - "Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile" I am a kind of a person who is always there when needed, I like helping people. I am not afraid of difficulties and face them with smile. I hope that everyone beside me can feel the energy and love to life that I have. I believe there are no bad people in the world!

My typical day

Then I go to work and she goes to school. I open curtains and let the sunbeam into my room. Almost every day I go to the gym, but I find time for my son, friends and relatives. Sometimes we paint together or play games we are both interested in. Few times a week after work I go to do Pilates. After classes, I meet my friends, visit cinema or just spend time at home watching TV, surfing Internet or reading. :) When I get home, I often go for a walk with the dog, read interesting books or watch good movies. My favourite dish is potatoes with meat.

My future goals are

I'm purposeful blue-eyed blond, who knows how to love and care. But I do not think this is the significative of my young age. I think that I have a good sense of humor and I have a good intuition. I love to discuss interesting, sometimes philosophical topics.

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