Birth Date
5 / August / 1998
54 kg 105 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I hope my future man will help me with that! I remember my wonderful childhood when my parents taught me to be honest and sincere, when my grandparents shared with me their wisdom and kindness, and my sister was my best friend. And right now i am going to reach my dream - to find a loving man for the rest of my life, to be happy and to make him the happiest man in the world! That is my pride. I wish to find a kindred soul with whom i may spend my whole life!

About my family

My mom is a wonderful woman. maybe to go to some dancing classes where we can practice together. My family has always been ready to help me any moment. And I know that they are proud of their daughter))This text will be replacedSee her fascinating movements and charming smile. I am very romantic, sensitive woman of one man.

Domestic abilities

I like to take care for pets and I have a cat at home)). I love flowers very much. I always try to cook something new and surprise my family members with tasty dishes! I also like to bake different cakes and muffins. ))) From my very childhood she hasn't ever forced me to do anything about house. Since my sister became a mom, she is engaged into taking care of kids and she does have time to do house routine. I am very domestic person and when I have to do all the duties about the house I do that with pleasure. That is why I am used to do all the household chores. I always do it with a good mood, I turn on music, dance, sing and enjoy every work.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also in my free time I like to do some exercise to be fit. I always try to keep fit and that's why I devote my leisure time to Yoga. So, if you need your private swimming coach - you are welcome! I am fond of fitness to keep fit and sometimes attend a swimming pool. ))) But since I am mother I dedicate all my free time to my sweet daughter. Maybe it is you ? So I hope that very soon I will not travel alone anymore and our trips will be full of unforgettable moments!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Now she lives in kiev and the meeting is possible in one of the cities where the office of the agency is located. This lady is very communicative with good manners. She is always nice and sincere. She has a very interesting personality! She is responsible and has a strong vision of her future. Games are not for her. She is searching here for true love, so we hope she may find it here.

How would I describe myself

I am active, fun, outgoing, loving, faithful, loyal, responsible, kind and caring. It’s all about me. I am a very creative and active person, I love to try everything new all the time. I'm a sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman. To be happy and make happiness around people. I work as a nail master in a beauty salon and I like to make people more beautiful. I like volunteering and take part in charity events. Especially in the company of people that I don`t know very well.

My typical day

My loving kids are waiting for me. Of course, I like to spend some of my evenings enjoying a marvellous book or even writing poems by myself. After work I cook, relax and go for a walk. I start my day with cup of coffee. I am a shop assistant. we do puzzles, read books and watch some family movies. My work is hard but I like to deal with numbers, it's responsible and useful. Also I like to devote lots of time to my main hobbies - aero-design, quilling and poetry.

My future goals are

Sometimes I play different sport games for health and pleasure. I am very talkative person. Sometimes I can be shy a little. I am a sincere and cheerful person!

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