Birth Date
16 / May / 1989
56 kg 127 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am not afraid of any domestic chores - i am a good cooker, i like to have my house clean and tidy and i do everything to make my home look the best. I am looking for a man who is strong. Who are intelligent and always ready to support their lady and to give her attention and the feeling that she is the most desirable woman in the world! I am fond of traveling. But i would like to visit some other countries as well.

About my family

I am a sweet tooth and my great weakness is tasty deserts which I like to cook myself for the whole family! Sometimes I gather with my friends or invite them to me. I have pets and I like to take care of them, to play, to walk! I am looking for my soul mate, my best friend, my mate. Actually, my sister is the closest person of mine, because she understands me like no-one else in this world!

Domestic abilities

I general, I can do everything about the house. I love flowers, watering them and caring about them. It sounds not real, but we are really lucky guys and manage to do everything together :) I want to have strong team in my future famuly with my husband and children. For me being a good wife means being a careful, nice and lovely woman. It's interesting mix, I know, but I like to paint my life in bright colors, so good meals are one of the main points. I think I am a good housewife! I am ready to do anything my parents ask me to help with, it is easy. Housekeeping is an integral part of every person's life, especially as for women:) So I've got used to do everything about the household, and I hope, I do it not so bad:) But my favorite part is making the home clean. I like to cook and decorate my flat with little details which show my personal taste.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have one cat and a dog and I like to return back home and see them all together. ) So I do what I really enjoy ) I like watching movies, listening to music, communicating with friends. And actually I don't mind it because I love what keeps me busy during the day. I'm active person and for me it is very important to be beautiful, so that is why I try to spend a lot of time in motion. With my friends I like to play volleyball and listen to music and of course to dance! I like to spend my leisure time with pleasure and use. I think that girl`s hands can tell a lot about her, so nails always have to be in perfect state, do you agree?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very strong but the same time she is gentle and feminine. She is a very good housewife. She thinks that positive attitude to life is very important. Very young, but serious one. She can feel people, their problems and she always reminds how important they are in this world. Alexa is very kind, shy and pleasant lady. This lady is a goal oriented,sociable, cheerful, kind, attractive.

How would I describe myself

I am open and sincere person, sometimes I can be shy and reserved but it is only in the very beginning of communication. Sport also helps me to stay fit) Of course now I have no time for that but I am sure that in future I will come back to sport. I am positive and honest. com - anti scam policiesLadiesVideo Chat galleryGallery of LadiesNew LadiesVideo GalleryRomantic dictionaryWhat does she want? I am risky and curious, I like extreme adventures. I like to learn and enrich my outlook. Sport also helps me to stay fit) Of course now I have no time for that but I am sure that in future I will come back to sport. It's not difficult for me to find a common language with any person.

My typical day

I used to get up very early to have enough time to cook a tasty breakfast and to enjoy a cup of sweet coffee. I want to dance with my beloved))) On weekend I go to the seaside in summer, walk in the park, visit theatre and cinema. My working day finish at 7 p. I also need to get ready for my working day. We do everything together with my daughter. I am an early bird, so I wake up very early in the morning, enjoy a cup of my morning coffee as I am a big lover of this drink, take my son to school and go to work. My typical day usually starts with doing morning exercises, as I like to keep fit and healthy, and breakfast. Then I go to work.

My future goals are

I can be romantic and dreamy nevertheless, I am a quite practical person. I am a very easy-going person. I am completely positive and smiling person. Hmmmm.

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