Birth Date
19 / May / 1988
52 kg 120 lbs
The type of man that I desire

When i have some free time, i usually go out with friends. If you want to know me better, ask me, that’s not all…lady about herself i am different from others, i am unique and individual. I believe that opposites attract. My passion is travelling, i dream to have a cruise with my family and beloved man. But i do not meet my friends every day, i am not a lazy girl - i like to spend my free time with my parents too, so in the evening i also help my mom about the house, or go for a walk with my father and our dog.

About my family

I had a good childhood. It is important to me that someone cares about everything I do and gives me inspiration. My granny is also wonderful and she cooks so well. I am searching for a kind, attentive, clever and sensitive person. I really can not imagine my life without this person.

Domestic abilities

I usually clean the bathroom, my room and parent's room. and I do everything to keep order in my house :) Another domestic ability I enjoy is cleaning. I think my future man will be satisfied with me, because I will be a good housewife, even if I work hard-). watch dishes and to make my home cozy and lovely to come back after long day away, My home should be always clean and tidy, warm and tasty dinner should always be shared by family members which they can enjoy all together at end of work day. As cooking for me is more like my hobby but not a adomestic ability! I like cleanness and order at home, when every thing has its place. I can cook but it is not the favorite domestic ability of mine….

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm fond of BBQ! I also like to go to the cinema and theatres and enjoy some good time there. I like to go to the park, movies, nature. I practice drawing and singing sometimes. I also like making myself beautiful as I call it when having some free time - having a bath, manicure, pedicure, hairdos. Mostly I spend my spare time with son. I am fond of creating beauty)).

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very kind and open. Little sunshine that is walking the earth. From one side the lady is such a tender girl. She makes very good impression. Maybe, it is because of her love to dances. She is simple and positive. She is very tender and feminine, very positive and full of life lady!

How would I describe myself

I have a good sense of humor, so it will be a pleasure for me to joke and laugh with you! Did I already persuade you? I try to help people. I love my kids and there is never a day when I am not happy to be a mother. But there is another thing also. I am risky and curious, I like extreme adventures. I came to find someone I can give it all to. I lead a healthy life style.

My typical day

Then, I guess every evening will be ending with gathering together and sharing :-) I like to cook, so it is also one of the activities I am busy with during the day. My working day lasts for 9 hours, so I come back home usually after 6 p. I also do a so go to the fitness 4 times a week. If I have day off, I can do anything I want. I do so many different things during the day that in the evening I like to relax a little bit with my friends. So sometimes, it's difficult to find some time for meeting with friends and for the favorite hobby. In the evening, I like reading, going to the cinema, theater, to the gym, cooking something, spending time outdoors, making plans for the next day.

My future goals are

I'm looking for love and happiness. I like to feel harmony with nature. Smart, funny, intelligent, curious! I am positive for life and people.

Good dating introductions

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