Birth Date
1 / August / 1985
62 kg 107 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! I also like spending my free time with my friends - we watch movies, eat pizza, sometimes we like dancing, but that doesn't happen too often. My day always starts with a cup of hot coffee. They make it more comfortable, cozy and beautiful. One of my cousins is my best friend!

About my family

My mother brought me and my elder brother very well! Unfortunately, right now I am only dreaming to grow roses and lilies in it which I really adore, they demand a lot of attention, but I believe my dream will come true one day. Unfortunately my father passed away when I was a child. My future goals are My future goals? I know that he will never regret if has a chance to meet me.

Domestic abilities

I also take care of my dog. Cleaning home, ironing and washing windows calms me down when I am stressed, so I also like to do it. I adore cooking especially for my close people. Sometimes we do it together with my friends - it's so interesting and funny. I pay attention for him to eat only meat and porridge, to give him vitamins. I am a good cook. The one thing that I love the most is cooking. I live separately from my parents, so I do everything myself about the house. I dance and sing during the cleaning.

What I do in my leisure time?

So sometimes my parents and I go to the country, we live in the tent, prepare something delicious, to sit near the fire and to talk a lot-)) I am fond of music and reading:) What could be more wonderful than to listen to a good song or to read an interesting book:) I feel so inspired! I like to play with my daughter and teach her all those wonderful things which I know and can do) I try to do everything what I am interested in. Usually I try to find a time for everything that I like to do that's why I am always lively and enthusiastic. I like to read, to watch movies, especially psychological and philosophical, as they mostly teach how to act in different situations, and definitely comedies, they always rise my mood, to take long walks and enjoy the nature around, sometimes to hang out with friends, or just to stay at home in a cozy and patient atmosphere and just have a rest. My leisure time depends on my mood :) I like to meet with my friends and to go out with them when I am full of energy and feel exited!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has lots of friends and she is ready to help them any minute. She is a wise woman. This lady is very tender and vulnerable. She is not only a beautiful lady but she is also a very intelligent person! Lerochka is a nice and open lady and she has a great sense of humor:-). :) You will never get bored with her. She has a charming smile and infects all surrounding people with it.

How would I describe myself

I am tender and kind, funny and serious, I love life and I want to find my soulmate to be completely happy together. I am easy-going and polite, easy on a rise, and very active. I am blithe and frank person. -) At the same time I know what I want from life and ready to fight for it. It's hard to say about myself :) I'm ordinary Russian girl who is looking for happiness and who is ready for serious relations, for marriage , for creating family. Is it possible not to like sweets? Well, what can I say? What can I tell you about myself.

My typical day

I return home and enjoy the company of my daughter and my dog. My morning is gymnastics, make up, breakfast. It helps me completely wake up and be ready for a new day. Every morning starts with a cup of fragrant green tea, something quick and tasty for breakfast, and cartoons on TV. But the most important thing is to go to bed in the same good mood as I woke up! Than I am going for the dancing classes and after that I help my mother with a domestic abilities. In the evening I usually rest, meet with my friends or devote the time for my hobby. When I don’t have dancing classes, I meet my friends or go home and cook something delicious.

My future goals are

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in any situation. And it is your decision whom to be, the main hero who loves, falls, stands up, takes a risk and wins. For me was a great experience. I work there as a vet.

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