Birth Date
6 / October / 1983
51 kg 104 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Our personal opinion of this lady polina makes people around smile:) I don't look for the prince as nobody is perfect on the earth. Trust, respect and devotion is the basis of all the relations. I'm found of reading, my favorite books are "master and margarita" by bulgakov, "dark charisma of adolph hitler" by rees laurence. Domestic abilities i like to do domestic chores.

About my family

But as I said I am a very goal-oriented lady, and I know that soon my life will change a lot. I have very good and friendly family. We often spend warm days out. So my work starts early and ends pretty late. Like each mother I love them very much and take a good care about my children and they bring alot o positive emotions into my life which I want to share with my bloved man!

Domestic abilities

I like when everything in my house is clean and in order. I live in a dormitory. Everything I do there brings me pleasure. I really enjoy the process. I like to smell the fragrance of fresh baked bread or apple pie with cinnamon in the kitchen. I even like to clean. I can easily do the washing up, I have a lot of plants I like to look after and watch them growing. And I am ready to spoil my man every time with a new dish. And each time it is a little adventure :) Of course she is leaving a great mess, as she is yet very small, but when she is smiling after making a cookie in a shape of a rabbit, I forget about the flour on the ceiling and walls :)

What I do in my leisure time?

I think I have already seen all plays in my city. But I would like to spend it not only with my daughter and my beloved man as well. I enjoy movies with an interesting plot, psychological books, music. ) Also I like to spend time with my friends, sitting at cafe and talking about life ). I'm very active and I dedicate quite enough time to it. It is always very interesting for me to travel to some other countries and I will be very glad to continue traveling from time to time, when I get married. I love arts, it brings a great pleasure and enjoyment into my life.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Her smile is catching, her eyes always shining and give light like a lighthouse gives a hope for ships wandering in the sea) She is a very positive young lady. The lady possesses indescribable charm and spacious mind, upon that she is quite shy and very friendly. She wants to find a man who has the same outlooks on life. It is hard to resist to fall in love with her if you know her more than 10 minutes :) She has amazing sense of humor! This young lady is absolutely amazing.

How would I describe myself

I am always optimistic and try to support my family and friends in every situation. I like art and I try to be the part of it. That's why health and happiness of beloved people is the most important for me. For me was a great experience. I am a kind person. I’d say that my negative and the least appealing quality is emotional. Would you like to read such a book? I'm looking for love and happiness.

My typical day

My working day is rather long, I work from 8 am till 7 pm. In the morning right after breakfast I go to work, but in the evening, when I come home I prepare dinner and have some rest: watch an interesting film or just speak with my friends on the phone. I am a sales manager and I like my job because of the possibility to meet new people, to know new information. I have been doing ball dances for 7 years. I finish work at 6 pm, after I make some grocery shopping on the way home, make dinner, sometimes we have a walk with my son. That is why my morning starts with fresh breakfast and a walk, which is very good for my health. Then do some grocery shopping, and when my mother can stay with my son, I look for a job or meet friends in the evening. I wake up at 7 am and cook breakfast for me and my son.

My future goals are

I know what I want from this life and what I can give in return. I dream to find my second half. If I find special person here I will try all my best to make our relations work and make him happy. I am a sincere and open person.

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