Birth Date
22 / October / 1987
58 kg 103 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My typical day my typical day starts at 6-7am. The world is rather cruel now and only kindness can make it better! Of course you also need to know how to keep your house clean and neat. I prefer to combine different types of activity as passive as active. i just dream and go for the dreams i have set for myself.

About my family

My family consists of my Mom, Dad, younger sister and me. I can relay on them every minute and in any situation of my life! I hope he dreams to create family with a lovely lady from Ukraine (me) -)Lady about herself Hello! My mother is philologist, a teacher of Russian. I appreciate coziness and friendship in my family.

Domestic abilities

I like household activities very much because I have a little helping hand - my strong and brave son! It seems to be so simple but really gives another feeling as if it is new. I like when my home looks nice and tidy, so I do cleaning there almost everyday. I like to breath fresh air. Also I like to cook. So, you see I am skilled in many things. I adore cooking dishes using the recipes of cuisine all over the world and step by step I develop my skills. I also visit my grandparents and help them, especially in the summer ! :) Cooking is another thing I like as it helps me to relax after a hard day and at the same time to treat my close people with delicious meals (at least they are tasty most of the times))) Experimenting with recipes might be tricky of course.

What I do in my leisure time?

As for me, time is always enough for good and useful things, so it depends on us how to spend it. I try to help people and animals. If you ask me about my leisure time I would answer that I like sleeping )))) And, if to take seriously, when I have free time, I go in for sports. And I enjoy visiting theaters and philharmonic hall. I love doing sports, it is the field I work in now and it is a passion of my life also. When I am free I like to spend my time in a company of my close friends and family members. Picnics, BBQ, beaches) I adore dancing, so for more than 5 years I attend classes of belly dance.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very sincere, always says what she thinks and wants to find the man with the same quality. She loves her son really much, and she certainly knows how to care child and how to bring him up. she knows how to make her future beloved happy every day of life and it is a good point for creating strong relations. She leaves an impression of smart and hard-working lady. The girl is very active, open, honest and positive. She is responsible and she has a good sense of humor. Meeting this lady one can think that she is the one i've been looking so long time.

How would I describe myself

I'm waiting for you. I hope I will find a man who is ready for serious relations. I'm a very active, positive and kind woman. I have many hobbies and interests. I hope to meet a man who will share the same dreams. And all of those qualities are enclosed in delicate and feminine essence which longs for caring and loving man. I am open and flexible in my strategies to achieve my goals and my dreams. I am a sincere and open person.

My typical day

after work I have fitness or dancing classes and then I go home. So after my breakfast I go to my work to help all the people. I work as a teacher in primary school and I work with small kids. After the work I spend time at home with my daughter. Then I take a shower, smile to my reflection in the mirror and go to work when I start my hard but interesting working day. It is good for my mind and body. Of course it would be much better to do it together with a special man. After it I go to my work and spend there the half of my day.

My future goals are

And every page is a new topic. I know what I want from my life. and all we can do is to wait until these events happen in our life. I can’t imagine my future life without happy family and a caring man next to me.

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