Birth Date
3 / March / 1988
52 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Get ready, go to the city for work, in the evening i have a training in the gym 3-4 times a week. I mean that when you love a person you love him not for something. If you like a real life with such a lady like me, then you are a man i am looking for) I would like to meet an easy-going man, with a good sense of humor to have more happy moments in life)every man is a special one, but i appreciate sincerity, honesty, care and patience. And no one ever complained about it.

About my family

They are mom, dad, my brother and me. I am goal oriented and creative person and sometimes a bit of Frivolous as my sense of humor keeps me the level of cheerfulness. She is a very wise woman and supports me all the time. My mom is the best example for me. For me love is when you are 100% sure about someone.

Domestic abilities

It is pleasant when the house is neat. But there is also some man's work about the house. Also I like to train my dogs outside, and I can say that I do it pretty well. I don't object against any work about the house including washing the floors and other things like this. I like to cook and always try to surprise my close people with my dishes. My home is always clean. One of my favorite domestic abilities is cooking. Every morning while I am preparing to go to work, I spend enough time choosing suitable clothes. My home is my castle.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also enjoy listening to the music and to dream. It is so pleasant to make a cup of tea or coffee, open a window and just listen to the silence of the city. That is why my body is fit:) I like jogging and aerobic, in my free time I like to spend time at the gym. Sometimes when I want to relax and do nothing I read interesting book or watch a movie. I adore painting and drawing so in my leisure time I always do this. I am fond of singing and karaoke))) Like seeing friends and active rest! now, don't we?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

But she is always so positive, so attentive, joyful! Irina is very romantic, kind and gentle girl! Inna is a nice, active and full of energy woman. She is serious about finding her soulmate here. Seems like she can find time for everything - family, job, fun. A well-brought, nice and polite lady. If you have bad mood she can easily raise it with her own emotions.

How would I describe myself

It’s all about me. I am a very cheerful, talkative and jolly person! Let's go with me? This sport has so much passion. When I was a child I liked to wear my mom's clothes and shoes and then I was performing as a real model. In relationships I am very tender and caring. I am very romantic and would like to find a man who would appreciate this. Hope my dreams will come true.

My typical day

After classes I have time for myself and my family. to be ready to work. I try to cook dishes every day. Usually watch movies or TV and around the midnight walk with my dog outside. Everything depends on my mood. Then I`m preparing for my work. I also could spend my evenings with friends or family. My working days differ much from my weekends.

My future goals are

I am kind girl with big heart and I am able to listen to others. I love life. I prefer to stay smiling and that is always sincere, because I do not like to pretend. I like to learn and enrich my outlook.

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