Birth Date
27 / March / 1984
52 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Anyway, it is comfortable for us to live together. Also i like to go in for sport. Of course i also like to socialize, to do activities together with my dear family and friends, to observe the nature, to have fun, and laugh and smile - because this is what makes us live longer! And now all my spare time, every single minute of my life is dedicated to her. I am very positive person so i always have a good mood and i do not remember when the last time i was sad or depressed.

About my family

Unfortunately, now I'm alone in this world, because angels took my mom to the sky. My parents have got two children – me and my sister. I believe I am not too serious. I was born in a village. He doesn't need a beautiful doll by his side but a woman who will be his friend, lover and equal partner.

Domestic abilities

I like cleanness everywhere. For me one of the most important things is to feel comfortable in my cozy home. I want my home to be cozy and bright. I love to make my home warm and cozy. My home - this is the most cozy place because I like making design and decorations by myself. Because of this all domestic abilities are not responsibilities to me but the common part of my everyday life. I love to take care of my house, to cook, to clean, I love to delight all the people that surround me. I like cats and dogs, but most of all I'd like to have a cat. My home is my castle!

What I do in my leisure time?

It is always good to find something new in books for me) It is a known fact that it is very healthy and also what can be more exciting than going for the biking trips with a bunch of friends, doing some stops to have a small picnic in the nature. I think that it is important to cook something special for my beloved in the morning or evening after work. I am very calm and homey person, that's why I prefer to spend leisure time with my dear people - friends and family! I like swimming too. I like sea and I love to spend my free time at the seaside. Also I love spending time with my lovely daughter!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is like sunny ray, when she comes, everything around becomes bright and light. She knows what she wants from her life very well and she has a strong desire to build serious relationships with a man from abroad. Very friendly and she has a wonderful smile! It is very pleasant to be in her company and she can light up the room with her smile :) She is interested in finding love here. Likes to smile and laugh. Very smiling and beautiful!

How would I describe myself

When I think about relations, there is only one thought, I can give myself to the fullest to a person who would give me the same in return. I am active and like sport. I can say this because I do not like night clubs and I never attend them. I also have a dream to be by the ocean because I think it has its charm and creates a romantic atmosphere. My principle is All is possible! It is very important for me to realize that somebody needs me. I like to enjoy life, have fun and make other people happy. I love flowers.

My typical day

Coming home from the office, I go directly to the gym where I spend a lot of time, because I pay attention to my health and it is very important for me to keep fit. After my work is finished I go to pick up my son from the kindergarten and then I spend my time with my family or my friends. So at 7 o'clock in the morning there is nothing around – just me and the sound of water. I would say I enjoy my life no matter what I do :) When I finish working I attend the swimming pool or relax at home. Stretching is very good for body and it made me feel more graceful and add extra energy. Of course when I don't have enough time I go to the park, and in the evening I can go to the disco. My typical day starts at 6 am.

My future goals are

I am experienced enough to know how valuable family is, and I am cheerful enough to make life of my closest people better and more sunny. My friends compare me to a FEATHER as my simple and friendly way of life never leaves a heavy imprint. I think that I have a good sense of humor and I have a good intuition. I feel like it's high time I ended my loneliness.

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