Birth Date
1 / June / 1984
46 kg 114 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Lady about herself life is too short to waste it for regrets, to waste it on people who do not respect you and who do not care about you, may be that's why i'm a very cheerful person, who is trying to share this joy with other people who surround me, with big respect to my family and my friends. I would like my future husband to be faithful and reliable. We perform fire shows in some cities of ukraine. My brothers are great friends of mine and helpers, sometimes they are naughty but i love them so much! I am a princess waiting for her prince.

About my family

My family is my support and maintenance. The type of man that I desire I am looking for a serious and reliable man to create a happy family with. So I live separately from my mom and dad. She is the closest person for me. Then I help him to get ready for school and after that, we go there together.

Domestic abilities

I love changing things at my place, so I find it is an interesting activity. I like doing everything about the house but not always have enough time for this, that is why I try to do different chores every day to keep my flat clean all the time. I like cats and dogs, but most of all I'd like to have a cat. I have little helper - my brother and on Sunday mornings we are cooking omelettes, pancakes and pies, well everything where you need to break eggs, my brother in his 3 years old loves to do this :) So there is no days when I don't clean my home. I think that it’s much better and pleasant to come back warm and clean home after hard working day! Washing, house-keeping, cleaning, cooking and taking care of pets and flowers. Of course, I can cook but I can't say that it is my favorite thing to do. Like every Russian woman I can do everything about the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

We are trying to spend more time with each other. I am a very active person. It is really fun to see her shining eyes and smile. Sometimes i like to cook something, especially different cakes or simply something sweet. Also I like going to the cinema, theatre and meeting with my friends. I like to travel and to visit new places. I like to spend my free time usefully.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She easily finds common language with other people. Seemed she found common language with us even before we started talking to her. She emits an aura of a good and decent person. Absolutely adorable lady. But you will see a stream of a positive and alive energy when you get to know her better. You need to feel it on yourself. She has amazing sense of humor!

How would I describe myself

I am easy going, kind, loyal and understanding. :) Also I would like to learn how to drive and have my own car in the future -) Maybe some day you will teach me! even don’t know-) I think that I am a very open and honest person and if I start to tell you everything about me it won’t be enough all space here) That’s why I have a propose: Give me the chance to open my heart to you and tell you about me and my life. That is the way I am) I would like to live in a world of love, peace and health. No, you should not think that I like to complicate things. That is the way I am) I adore going to spa.

My typical day

After drinking a cup of coffee, I usually try to cook something light for breakfast and after this I take something for dinner with me and go to work. Some times I help my little daughter with her lessons and she in her turn helps me with all household chores. Then I do yoga or dances. And weekends are always little adventures and holidays for me and my family! I always wake up with a cup of coffee :) And I prepare for work. then I go to my work, where I spend up to 8 hours. But even now I think that my life is empty without my soul mate, without a real man. The next point is gym afterwards I go to work.

My future goals are

I am interested in languaged and I like my native one. I enjoy spending my time with friends and family. You will never feel bored with me. I adore singing.

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