Birth Date
15 / March / 1997
50 kg 133 lbs
The type of man that I desire

What i do in my leisure time? What i also like is cooking. Starting with novels and finishing with literature on spirituality and alternative medicine. Trust is the foundation of strong family and i will do everything for it. A man of my dream should be understanding, loving with good sense of humor and witty mind.

About my family

Also like visiting family and going out with friends. It helps us to find a right solution. I adore sports and I like to keep in good fit and be active. I love to cook something tasty, and to learn new things, I go in for sport, look after my plants. My family is very small - just my mom and me and and a little dog Lola.

Domestic abilities

Also I have a pretty funny pet) It is chinchilla named Kassiopeya. But I like it in unusual way. It's not a secret that I love to cook. I also help her with kids if she need to go to the city or others. Actually I like to do things about the house. When I was a child I dreamed to be a cook! I like to clean, also I like to make my home cozy, and I am sure I do it well. I often change something to gain a definite atmosphere. So, I try to keep all the household in order, I love to cook and spoil my children with tasty things I cook for them, I also love to involve my children in household activities, as it seems to me that men should know how to do everything from the young ages.

What I do in my leisure time?

I don`t really like to sit at home. I like to be in the high-spirit all the time. Actually, I am against these claims that we always lack time for something. So, I appreciate every moment when I can stay in bed longer than usual. Dancing is my passion so I enjoy doing it and teaching others to do it also. When I stay at home I like reading books about psychology and watching programs about travelling, as it's very interesting to discover the world and see new places. Or I may decide to stay at home and read nice book, listen to pleasant music or watch TV.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very active, full of jokes, laughing and pleasant dreams and thoughts. She is very active, fit and sporty, as well as intelligent. Seemed she found common language with us even before we started talking to her. Dasha is a very cheerful lady, she is intelligent, she likes active way of life and always smiling, by the way she has a good sense of humor! She is confident in her strength and believes in herself. alexandra is very active and positive. lera is a very beautiful and charming lady that has an amazing smile and very kind brown eyes that will make you fall in love with her at first sight :)

How would I describe myself

I like accuracy and also the beauty of our world. I know that my life has the only one way. I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people. I am a creative person. I will be a loving woman and a good life partner. I am serious lady ready for being swept off my feet with love. My friends say that they love my sense of humor. So that, I can say I am proud that I'm looking a bit younger :) I am honest, kind and cheerful!

My typical day

I'd like to tell you about my Saturday, my day off. I usually wake up at 7 am, have my breakfast, prepare for work. I like my job. Then I take a shower and go to make something delicious for breakfast. My weekends I spend relaxing and enjoying my hobbies. When I come home I try to spend as much time with my family as I can no matter whether we are just watching TV or talking at the cup of tea. I leave my working place at about 6 pm, sometimes 8 pm. Late in the evening I get ready for sleep and go to bed.

My future goals are

-) At the same time I know what I want from life and ready to fight for it. I saw beautiful places and had a nice experience of communicating with different people . No one is perfect in life so, I either. I am very honest and I will NEVER lie to my future beloved man.

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