Birth Date
23 / October / 1991
48 kg 123 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Maybe i do not have whom to take care about? Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! She seems to be a nice person. Then i go to work. The most interesting pastime is learning something new!

About my family

I have one big hobby. And I will be always thankful to her. My family is very small - just my mom and me and and a little dog Lola. I will do everything possible so my man can be proud of me being his wife and kids being proud to have such mother as me. I am very romantic, sensitive woman of one man.

Domestic abilities

I adore to cook recipes from different world's cuisines. I do everything about the house. My future husband will never complain of hunger :) Doing everything about the house brings me a pleasure in some way. I try to do my best to be a good housewife. I would love to pamper my beloved person with my cooking and many delicious dishes I am able to prepare. I like to clean the house, wash and wash up. I am a very experimental person, so whenever I get a new recepy I try it out, and then of course add something personal to it. Except cooking, which I really enjoy!

What I do in my leisure time?

We organize different kinds of amusement and always stay positive. I am fond of various cultures. around us wonderful World! I have to pay for studies and I want to have some cash money. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax. All my free time I try to be with my little daughter. Reading books and being with my friends takes some time of my life.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very beautiful and sweet, a wonderful housewife and mother, kind and faithful. She thinks that positive attitude to life is very important. From another side, she is so smart, purposeful and has a huge wish to improve herself and the whole world. Svetlana is very smiley lady, who makes every company brighter with only her presence. She is a confident woman who knows what she needs! We wish her good luck in her search. We have never seen such a tender lady, she is open and positve.

How would I describe myself

The main things in life for me are family, home, coziness and friends. I like to share my smiles with people and see that they are smiling at me back. And I am ready to find it no matter what The last book I have read, which is one of my favourite ones, has the name "Blue Ocean Strategy". I am sure my mission is to become a happy lady and to make all people around me happy too. One day I dream to see Italy! My future husband will always feel my care and love. But at the same time, I am a strong woman and I can always protect myself.

My typical day

After classes I like to spend some time at the library or in some Internet cafe for searching some necessary information. My day begins with a tasty breakfast and good coffee))) After work, as usual, I prepare my supper and then watch interesting movies. It is very comfy that my *office* is at home, thus I save a lot of time and I even go to gym a few times a week. (By the way, I appreciate this feature in others very much). Then I put on my clothes and go to the University. I work at school as a teacher of history and geography. The rest of my spare time I spend watching my favorite serial. To be honest there is only one main benefit because of which I like my job.

My future goals are

My motto is 'Never be sad, because life is too beautiful for wasting time for sadness! Or two stay in crowd scene and let your happiness go. I'm an easy-going lady, who is ready for new relations and feelings and will go with my beloved man to the edge of the world. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman.

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