Birth Date
20 / October / 1995
50 kg 115 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Of course sometimes i just want to stay alone and think about something! I know for sure that the man who has the second part of my heart is living somewhere and also dreaming of me and my main goal is to find him and to make our hearts the one forever! I like to have fun and i always find time for it! Of course, at first, i felt ashamed that i am a grown-up woman, but could not swim, but when i realized that i can swim, and how wonderful it is – i forgot about all my hesitation and kept on training. What traits do i look for?

About my family

I am a very proud parent, frankly speaking. She studies and works. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! I’ve been to quite few counties of the world and dream to discover ever more hand in hand with my belovedLady about herself I will try my best at this part. She is very feminine and colorful, very sincere and with a good sense of humor.

Domestic abilities

It is pleasant when the house is neat. I think that all of this is a part of women’s life! I enjoy most of my duties. As I have already told, I was born in a big family and I am the oldest child :) So you can imagine that I always helped my parents, especially my mother in doing all domestic work:) I adore cleanliness and coziness in house:) For me flat is not just a box with some windows and door, for me it is a family nest and I will do everything to make it warm and comfort:) Above all I like to cook :) So be sure, with me you will never feel hungry:) No mess or dust, that's the rule. I enjoy listening to good music while I clean my flat. I like decorating my house and making little changes. And it is true :) I helped my mother and my father from early ages :) and as I am the only daughter - I had to do it alone. Most of all, I like cooking and I always try to cook something tasty.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have intentions to have a car in future. The best activity for me is to go to the theater with friends. It can be a nice cafe or even some club) I like to go to the cinema also. Going to the mountains is another good option. Everything depends on the mood and the weather outside! I have a dream to swim together with dolphins. I have a lot of ideas in my head how to spend a day with positive emotions, so I can not say what I am doing in my spare time, because it is always different :) I'm looking for a man who will make my heart beating faster and who will fill up all my free time and all my thoughts.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has many goals for the future and tries to achieve them. She is an irresistible combination of shining youth and wise maturity of her views. Valja is very kind and sincere lady, very sporty and will reach her goals for sure! This lady is very interested to find a man who likes children and wants family. She is very cute, open-minded and she seems to be ready to start a family soon. Natalya creates a very positive impression. She is in mariupol now due to military actions in here native city.

How would I describe myself

I always ready to help my close people. Well, nobody is perfect but I learn new things with every coming day and that makes me better. I am positive for life and people. I love to make surprises and present gifts to my close friends and I'm waiting for a strong and responsible man who will be romantic the same as I am. I am a very creative and active person, I love to try everything new all the time. Of course I will support him too, that`s why we need a family actually. I am open and flexible in my strategies to achieve my goals and my dreams. So I`m looking for a man who will support me always.

My typical day

Then come a day at work. I love life and I try to enjoy every day) as it is the last one. At classes I try to be concentrated a lot because we are taught to save someone's life in future. Also I can spend just all day waiting for some people and taking interviews! I like to have my lunch at the local park close to the place I work. "The early bird catches the worm" - this proverb is all about me. My working day starts with coffee and preparing myself for work. I negotiate with customers, deal with investments and I simply love my job!

My future goals are

And I am ready to give my heart to the person who deserves it. I try to look at everything from a positive perspective and get a better understanding of a situation. I like communicating with new people, and think that in every person there is something bad and something good. I would like to see the world without violence.

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