Birth Date
7 / October / 1988
60 kg 103 lbs
The type of man that I desire

You are on the right way' that's me:) I would like to feel his care about us and affection and give that all to him. I need my man to be respectful – good relationship of any kind is impossible without respect. Well, i have a kind heart, so a fight is not a good option for me, but two others are perfect. The is the example of a good looking, interesting, loving, charefull and just perfect woman for me.

About my family

Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! I love to draw portraits of my close people with watercolor. My family is really friendly, I love them )))) I love to cook and to take care of flowers. I'm sure we will find a lot in common with you!

Domestic abilities

Let me think. There is nothing that I wouldn't be able to do about the house. My future man will be always proud of me, as I know how to make my house warm and a sweet nest. I like baking cakes and it is such a pleasure to see how happy my family is when they try my favorite cake). I like cooking and doing all what is necessary around the house. I like to do home work)). Also I have little friend - guinea pig named Maria :) My daughter gave her to me and I like to take care of this funny cute pet. I hope that one day you will try a tasty cake full of love from Marichka. I always try to make my house look great.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have a little son and he needs my attention very much. Different books. I like to combine business with pleasure:) As I like active recreation, I often spend time in the swimming pool and play in paint ball! When I stay alone at the kitchen, I start making experiments. I spend my free time with my son. I also knit pretty well and practise yoga. People, who know me, say that I'm such a person who always knows what she wants.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is communicative and open lady. This lady is a good friend, a carrying mother, a purposeful woman and may be a loving wife for her future husband. She wants to find a man who will protect and admire her at the same time! The lady is very kind and sincere. Masha is a nice and kind girl, a little shy at first, but very open and sincere, down to earth girl with high moral and family values. Her behaviour is very natural, she is very out-going and likes communication with other people. lena is a very family-oriented, friendly and bright lady.

How would I describe myself

I am very joyful. I don't need much to feel happy. I have a very poetic personality and soul. I am a Spring lady, I was born in March and this is a month when the nature starts blooming. I am kind and sociable lady. -))) I know what I want from the life and I always try to achieve my goals. I am cheerful and friendly girl. Some people think I am 18 when they meet me.

My typical day

I spend most of my day here and come home almost in the evening. I work in the university so, the bigger part of the day I spend there. 45 and make breakfast for me and my daughter, we try to eat healthy food, so I pass some time to do something delicious and healthy at the same time. I get my daughter ready and take her to the kindergarten. On better ones I like to take some extra time in bed and to daydream a bit. After my studies I go to work ( it's a part-time job ), then I meet with my friends if I am not very tired or return at home and spend evening with my family. :) And then the weekend comes, but that's another story . Usually I'm a "morning bird", I am the first one in our family to wake up and make breakfast for family, but my work pushes me out of my natural biorhythm.

My future goals are

to create a happy family. I love to make people smile and feel welcomed) I am sure my mission is to become a happy lady and to make all people around me happy too. I am loving and caring and I want to give my love to this only one who will be waking me up in the mornings with a tender kiss-).

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