Birth Date
28 / July / 1995
49 kg 102 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! She knows how to treat this life in a right way and has good-grounded values. For that i need a strong family, healthy kids, a good job and one day i dream to win the boston marathoni am ready to work hard for that and i am ready to give all of me to my man, my future kids and my dreams! i am looking for a kind, loving and intelligent man who i can trust and who will be always loyal to me. I dream about a man who is looking for serious relationships and creating family.

About my family

My older daughter is married already and lives with her husband. Now the people I am not able to imagine my life are my dearest sister and my cute little son :) They are those ones who bring happiness into my life and make me smile every day :). Everyone respects each other's opinion, and has his right for it. We all are friendly and helpful. I'm the only child in my family, but I always wanted to have a brother, or a sister) If you want to know more about my family, you can ask me:) I like to speak about my close people:).

Domestic abilities

I often invent the recipes on my own and if it works-)- I write them down. I do not like to do everything at home. I like cleaning. I do ironing, cleaning, laundry. :) So be careful, my dinner can be very unusual:). Also I adore cooking, especially I like to try to cook new healthy dishes. They make it more cosy and comfortable. She always helps me, it is a great way for us to spend time together. Home should be sweet home.

What I do in my leisure time?

There are many things that I prefer to do in my leisure time, for example watching good movies, having a bath, going to the pool, sing karaoke and dancing slow dances. I often spend time with my friends, we do bowling, aqua-fitness, go outdoors. :) I am fond of flowers I have some flowerpots of roses. I also like to devote my spare time not only to my friends, but to my family too. When the weather is fine, I enjoy spending time outdoors. Among things that I love to do when I have spare time, the most pleasant are traveling, cookery, gardening. My main hobby is learning English,so I visiting special courses ,I hope that soon will do well in it)

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Very positive and cheerful lady! She has also told us, that she did believe in us and that she would be very patient while we were looking for her future husband. Due to her wisdom she understands how to solve any issue diplomatically, that's why she is pleasant to deal with and to be around. The one who listens, doesn't judge, and somehow makes everything all right in your life . If you have bad mood she can easily raise it with her own emotions. She is caring and likes to help when a person needs it. She is a very cheerful and positive person who likes to spend a good time with smiles and joy.

How would I describe myself

If I am not given something I would try to achieve it with my own powers. I am funny, sociable, honest and trustful person. It's funny that my child's game has become my great hobby. I have a good sense of humor and strict character but even serious things I can say with a charming smile on my face. I'm a very active, positive and kind woman. Well, what could I say about my character? I am a good listener and respectful to others. New acquaintance is the best way to find something to do because people can share their interests and it is wonderful.

My typical day

It is because I don't have you in my life, yet. 30 pm and then I have free time. I want to be in time with news I am a very busy lady, because I have a lot of work! But I need to mention that I do not spend too much time choosing a dress to wear. So to not be late for my work I have to wake up early. Then I go to work. My typical day consists of different things.

My future goals are

I am also a very romantic woman. Only the one thing that make my eyes sad is lack my beloved man in my life! I like to feel harmony with nature. I like to win and I like to be the best.

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