Birth Date
26 / July / 1983
51 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Also - my daughter, she is young and intelligent lady, who i am proud of. I would also like to open my own photo studio in the future. Also i like to read some interesting works of unknown authors. I do hope that my man exists :) Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)

About my family

I believe in destiny and true love. She believes I need mature, and serious man. There aren't words to describe how thankful I am to have her in my life. But who wants to be serious the whole day and the whole life? Lady about herself I am an open person and I always have a lot of positive emotions.

Domestic abilities

I enjoy creating a nice, cosy atmosphere in my dwelling. I even know all about babies and taking care of them as I was always there for my sister when she had a baby. I would like to take care of him. I like the feeling of pleasure when you return back home and can relax and rest. And garden outside the house is valuable for me too. I have a lot of plants at home and I like watering and looking after them. to wipe away dust, to do wet cleaning, to put things in order! I am very creative and I like to create my own recipes. Also I care about my flowers because they always make the atmosphere in the room pleasant and cozy.

What I do in my leisure time?

I want to learn to cook something wonderful, something special for my man. What can be better than spending vacation somewhere in another country, learning another language or customs and traditions! I take to the walks and we often go to entertainment centers for children. I enjoy reading, going to the cinema, spending time with my friends and family. As for me, time is always enough for good and useful things, so it depends on us how to spend it. I like to meet with my friends and to walk with them, I like to walk and to play with my younger sister who is my little friend- after my studies I attend gym and swimming pool as I want to stay in a good shape, I like to make photos when I am in the nature. And of course I would like to present it to my beloved man.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Natasha is a nice, sweet and kind lady. She wants to find a man who will protect and admire her at the same time! A little bit shy girl with unique outlook. She is a sweet lady who respects herself and other people. Anna is a cheerful, pretty and serious lady who will make your days brighter despite of the weather outside). Natalia is a very positive, friendly and reliable person. She is fun and interesting girl.

How would I describe myself

I want to watch a movie with someone. Is it possible not to like sweets? I love my kids and there is never a day when I am not happy to be a mother. At the same time I am simple and a good listener. I decided to join the site not to play games. I like to explore new places around my country and also abroad when I have a chance and meet new people) I love life and enjoy it to the fullest but I dream to have someone next to me to share this beautiful life together. I have everything in my life except beloved man.

My typical day

Then I spend my day at work and in the evening I can meet my friends or spend time with my family or do something that I like. My typical weekends are devoted to active rest with my friends. Every step during my day is planned beforehand to cope with all in time. I'm an ordinary woman, so my day stars with working. I pick her up after my working day. I like to wake up early because I think morning is the most incredible time of the day. I spend about 8 hours at work. In the morning - cup of coffee, morning exercises, then a favorite work, evening gatherings with family and friends, or a cup of tea with reading an interesting book.

My future goals are

I am used to being alone and doing everything by myself, and I hope that one day I will meet a man with whom I could feel fragile and feminine. I like to share my smiles with people and see that they are smiling at me back. I'm a type of a person who likes to seize opportunities and to make the most of every day. I’d say that my negative and the least appealing quality is emotional.

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