Birth Date
20 / July / 1985
54 kg 106 lbs
The type of man that I desire

There is always something to do! I might be a dreamer but i want to see the world safe, pure, with people who believe in eternal values, who value love and humanity more that a pay-check, and i try to pursuit those values in my life being an example for others. i want smart and intelligent man with good sense of humor and positive thinking and open mind. My parents are simple people. i am sure that having a loving man is dream of every woman.

About my family

And now he has many business trips for execution of orders and for gaining new skills. I live with my parents now. I hope to be his inspiration and I would like to help him in his every beginning. He is great. And dancing is my passion!

Domestic abilities

I'm looking forward to that time, when i will be able to cook some dishes for my husband. And for now it is my habit :) I can't say that it brings me much pleasure, but I love to see the results of my housework. And I do my own personal stuff like cleaning your home, cooking good foods etc. They are so nice and tender. Is it you? I do almost everything about the house. My main domestic ability is to feed my cute cat - Tim. Also I have a dog, who needs my care and attention)) I'm not afraid of house work, but I prefer active lifestyle and all kinds of outdoor activities. Like to treat my guests with something tasty.

What I do in my leisure time?

At night, I usually do a bit of reading before going to bed. I like to read books, watch awareness-raising programmes and visit new places. I adore skating, to spend my free time on nature or go to the party. I love to decorate and make my house so comfortable that sometimes it's even difficult to leave it and go to work -) But if I have a lot of energy I prefer to stay with my family and friends. I like going for a walk to the parks or just spending time in nature. I like spending my time with my friends and my family). We talk of different things, we train the dog together and have a lot of fun.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Even not looking at her small,so tiny and fragile figure, this lady is so strong inside! Karina is rather positive lady with good manners, first impression about this lady is good, we hope she will find her love. She deserves to be happy with her special man and create a happy future. A striking young lady with lots of energy and positivism. You can be sure that you will never be bored with her! She is easy and pleasant to communicate with. The girl has her own opinion and life principles.

How would I describe myself

I am like a book with many stories. One day I dream to see Italy! I have a lot of friends and I like spending my free-time with them. I will greet you with a bright smile. I can be different: funny, adventurous, mysterious and open-hearted. But I believe my singing is not that bad. After our communication it will become two more happy people in the world))) I would say that I am very kind-hearted and caring lady, I take pleasure in sharing and feel some guilt when I’m in a position to share something but I am not able to.

My typical day

In the morning I usually make coffee and cook breakfast- if I have enough time, I go jogging or make yoga. I cook breakfast, do a little make up, because every lady should look perfect every day, and go to the college. I always do my morning exercises which gives me lots of energy for all the day. During the coffee break I like to meet my friends and visit some nice places here. I get up early in the morning as my working day begins at 8 a. I have to work, take care about my younger sister and brother. :) Then I am getting ready for the day! I like cooking if I have time and most of all like that part of a day when I come back home from work.

My future goals are

Every minute I live brings me some new knowledges and experience which I always appreciate! When I think about relations, there is only one thought, I can give myself to the fullest to a person who would give me the same in return. I hope it will not stop you from writing me and I hope you will see my seriousness through my young look --) I'm serious and trustworthy. And this makes me different from others)

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