Birth Date
3 / December / 1985
59 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am a good listener, and i will be the most caring wife in return. I do not draw pictures of the prince in the shining armour in my head, when i think of my future beloved. But in spite of this, i always tidy up thoroughly. The man should be very good, handsome, talkative, with the good sense of humor. Respect, love, understanding and support are the most important things for me.

About my family

I always treat my parents and my grandmother with respect and I think it should be this way. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)It's intriguing like finding an unknown world. There is one more goal left to reach in my life - to get married and start a family. I want to have strong and friendly family, to have loving husband and healthy children. My typical day I wake up, have a light yet nutritional breakfast and go to the gym.

Domestic abilities

I like decorated pillows on my sofa, plants on the windowsills, family photos hang around the apartment. Also I believe that clean home leads to clean soul. My mother tought me how to cook. I like to do everything about the house. Housekeeping is an integral part of every person's life, especially as for women:) So I've got used to do everything about the household, and I hope, I do it not so bad:) But my favorite part is making the home clean. If my future man has cooking as a hobby, I promise to be a good chef, and if he doesn’t know how to make fried eggs, I promise that we won't die from hunger! I like to clean, also I like to make my home cozy, and I am sure I do it well. Mostly I cook traditional Russian dishes and I am a true expert in this field! I was fascinated by their color.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am a student and study takes much of my time because I want to get as much knowledge as I can. So, I prefer mostly active rest. And I like to stay active and in a good shape). But for me it is not lying on a sofa and doing nothing :) it is a kind of active rest and socialize! From time to time I prefer to go to the theater, cinema or exhibition. My life will not be so colourful. I am fond of hand-made.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is smart, responsible and kind lady,who has serious intentions and is ready to create a family! She would be a caring and loving wife. Kind, sincere, open, always smiling and optimistic She is serious in finding her man and making a family in the nearest future. May seem a bit reserved, but in fact she a good listener. This lady is very gorgeous with the sunshine smile. A lady is tactful and elegant without bad habits.

How would I describe myself

But I also like to feed them. Join me in it ! I don't like to stand still, I like to move, to open new perspectives in life. I am serious lady ready for being swept off my feet with love. I like to enjoy life, have fun and make other people happy. I am a one man woman. The lady who believes in romance, the lady who believes in passion. I am kind, too.

My typical day

Then I come home and after supper I can go out with my friends or stay at home. Every time I try to do something to make a day special to remember:) I also take care about my health and every morning I do morning exercises or jogging. I started singing when I was only 6, and that's still my favorite time spending. Then I do some morning exercises. I wake up early, make myself healthy breakfast, fresh juice, eggs and oatmeal, then I go to the university, after the university I meet my friends or enjoy my leisure time, I like to draw so I do it often :) In the evening I like surfing Internet , or reading a nice book. I like reading books and watching movies. I am fond of reading books during winter time, and when it's summer I like going to the beach, traveling somewhere and visiting concerts. :) At home I try to work on my English every evening.

My future goals are

I am sure you will be impressed with my personality! You will never be sad or bored with me, I always try to find positive sides of people and life. I am open and friendly person. Being thankful for everything that you have - is that thing which my parents taught me and I am grateful to them for this lesson.

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