Birth Date
21 / October / 1988
46 kg 125 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Would you like to be the judge of my early works? Feel as if it was your first date with this lady ā€” it is worth 1000 pictures! He goes to school and i go to work:) I am very romantic, sensitive woman of one man. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady ā€” it is worth 1000 pictures!

About my family

I'm very happy that I can do it and my day always starts the best. My family consists of my parents, my brother, me and my sister. I adore people around me and ready for a true LOVE! I love a big family and I hope I will be able to meet my special man who wants to have a big family too. This text will be replacedSee her fascinating movements and charming smile.

Domestic abilities

Man who is not hungry, is half happy. I like cleanness and order! I always keep my flat in the order and teach my sons to do the same. I adore cooking! It turns out very creative. Also I love cooking, but I don't like to wash the dishes after that, hehe-) Besides, it is always so important for me to keep my home in cosy way. Of course, it is not always so delicious as it should be. I like the smell of the clean linen a lot :)

What I do in my leisure time?

I spend a plenty of my spare time doing sports, different kinds of sport. While I am at home I like to read classics. I like to spend time with my friends, because communication helps me not to feel lonely. Let's see who will win! I always spend this day together with my friends and my son. Iā€™m fond of reading and self-development. Or I go to the theater, library or cinema.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very positive and sociable, truly hoping to find fer soul mate here. irochka is a very interesting lady with serious intentions. She is really intelligent and wise. Although it could be her attitude or something else. You think that this lady is a tender and beautiful flower when you look at her. She is like a warm ray of light)) she is very cheerful and a kind woman and she has a good sence of humor! She is smart and beautiful.

How would I describe myself

-) At the same time I know what I want from life and ready to fight for it. I am joyful, easy-going and open-hearted young woman. That's why health and happiness of beloved people is the most important for me. I am also a very romantic woman. I think they develop closed abilities of your body. I treat people with respect and always try to find only best traits in people. I think it is always better to compromise. I think I am a nice and easy-going person, I am patient and very caring.

My typical day

I work from Monday till Friday, but sometimes I have to work on Saturday, but I have the day off on Sunday. I accomplish the emergencies at first and the rest of the day I enjoy doing the part of work that I like the most. When I have free time I spend it with friends and with my small dog. On weekends I have more time for doing things with friends. It is pretty interesting job as for me, that is why I do it easy and with inspiration. My work occupies all my time and during the day I stay there. I start my day with feeding child, having breakfast myself, then I take daughter to kindergarten and go for work. We do business cards, bill boards, print different images on everything, like clothes and plates or cups!

My future goals are

I want a man with whom I can follow a life path. I am a positive person. Simply the best. Traveling is a great chance to try new food and of course to learn more about new culture!

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