Birth Date
12 / May / 1987
61 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It helps me to relax and to feel the beauty of the nature which surrounds us, i try to inhale it and be energized with its energy. The man with whom i will feel warm inside and feel that he is everything for me. Sometimes you have good moments and suddenly it may change to bad the same fast and imperceptible like clouds. Who also is not egoistic and not conflict. It is my dream to meet a person i can get married with.

About my family

They say "other half", - yes, I am looking for my other half here, a nice match, the one missing in my life. Our personal opinion of this Lady This lady is very beautiful and kind. When the weather is fine, I like to go for a walk in the end of my working day. Our personal opinion of this Lady She is a nice, sincere and cheerful lady! My future goals are I guess I have ordinary aims, which most of people have - I want to become a successful and self-sufficient person and loving wife and mom.

Domestic abilities

If I am your wife, you can be sure that our house will be always as clean as a new pin. Usually my mother is busy with work or taking care of my younger sister so I do all the household chores, but I like it. Cooking gives me a great pleasure and I want to tell that each time I try to invent new recipes. That-s why I learned how to do all the work around the house very quickly:) Most of all I like to cook! I like to make my home cosy, am fond of cooking and always try to keep everything clean. I do everything about the house, I clean, wash, water flowers, etc :). Cooking is not just the important issue for me to do in the house. I think that I am a good hostess. I'm good at cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

time dedicated to me, I want to give my romance to somebody special in my life. A good interesting book can bring you to the unknown world or to tell you something new about the things which are around us all the time! I appreciate my family, so I always find time for close communication with them. That is the best moment of my day when I take both of them for a walk. I like to watch interesting psychological or comedy movies. On weekend I like to have some walk with my son and close friends. I like to do a lot of things , that you couldn`t even to remember all of them :) But most of all I like to travel or just get out into nature with my friends !

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Alina is a girl with famous native slavic combination of true beauty of her body and soul. She is cute, has a good sense of humour, family-oriented, easy-going, and would like to find an interesting and reliable man soon for a long-lasting relationship. This lady is very charming and generous. Joyful lady who tries to take everything from her life. She is looking for a husband here and wants to get married soon. Oksana is very pleasant, sincere and charming. Anna is optimistic and family oriented.

How would I describe myself

I love children very much and I am ready to accept your kids (of course if you have them). I am kind girl with big heart and I am able to listen to others. I am a quite energetic lady who has a kind heart and an open soul. My life will not be so colourful. I want to be happy with my beloved and have much in common with him. I'm an easy-going lady, who is ready for new relations and feelings and will go with my beloved man to the edge of the world. I am friendly and not egoistic. I am an active and cheerful person!

My typical day

The next point is gym afterwards I go to work. Usually I get up at 06:30. So I usually go to fitness club and after it I plan meetings with my family and friends, or just have a walk in the fresh air. I call my father and Diana several times a day because I miss them so much. I think that I have a most of my days planned, that is the way I feel myself in control of my life, and I never get into unexpected troubles. Especially I love to decorate weddings, because I charge energy from happy people. I am a nurse. When the weather is nasty I stay at home and read, or watch TV.

My future goals are

Life is wonderful, and the world is so big, I love to explore it, my heart is open and I have no fears when I look into my future. I think it is always better to compromise. Being thankful for everything that you have - is that thing which my parents taught me and I am grateful to them for this lesson. After our communication it will become two more happy people in the world)))

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