Birth Date
26 / January / 1994
47 kg 105 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Women's purpose is to create a family, to become a mother, to give her warmth, kindness and love to their second halves. Man is a reliable shoulder to me, so i appreciate if he cares about me and my problems and helps when it's needed. I want to create the coziness of home and family, to surround my beloved man with my care and love, to make him feel the most loved and the most needed. I and my daughter live separately from my parents. I adore running especially when the music in headphones is great and when there is a mirror in front of mei imagine that i'm in a movie or video clipit is so crazy sometimes but i really enjoy it!

About my family

My future goals are I have a good job and I live in my own apartment. When I pick up my girls, we return at home and have dinner together, talk about our day while eating. when it is the summer time I work as the administrator in hotel , and when it is not the season already I work as the massage therapist , this is interesting for me . The reason of this is very simple - we are both women, and women understand each other better because of their nature. In every dessert I put a piece of love.

Domestic abilities

I am keeping all my mother's old recipes. I enjoy cultivating pot plants, which I have plenty at home. Everything I do at home I do with love. I am perfect at housekeeping! :) Did you know Margaret Thatcher always washed dishes by her own? I like to do everything that helps me to make my apartment cozy and beautiful. My friends and parents say that I am a great cooker. My daughters and I love to bake cakes:). I do what people usually do at home- cleaning, laundry, cooking.

What I do in my leisure time?

I did diving and I am just a Master of Sports. If I have a very crazy day and I `m very tired I like to go to the fitness course or to communicate with new people. I dance from the age of 5 years. It's a pity I have no company for this, I wish I can have my beloved by my side. I am fond of various cultures. The main thing in my life is sport, that is why I work as fitness trainer and even when I have free time I do sport. Sometimes I play chess with my friend, watch movies, read magazines and books.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

A young charming girl, who will be the best wife and mother ever! She is like spring - sunny, colorful and full of life! She has a rather noticeable appearance but simple attitude. Svetlana is a kind and sincere personality with a sunny smile. She looks like an angel and acts the same. It was very interesting to communicate with yuliya. This is very cheerful and polite lady that is ready to open her heart to the man, that will love her and be her soul mate.

How would I describe myself

I lead a healthy life style. I like dreaming and believe in miracles. I will not be too modest:) I think I am caring, tender, beautiful, smart, purposeful and sexy:). Never! Also I try to be organized all the time, because self-education and successful self-realization are impossible without considering the time of the day. Open, honest, positive, smiling and easy going. I am always open for something new, and try to take everything from this life that I can. I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive.

My typical day

I get up early and cook breakfast for my son, we spend some time in the kitchen together, as I make coffee. I adore to drink coffee in the morning and always eat something sweet, because it makes my mood better and day brighter. In the evening I take my son from the kindergarten and go for a walk with him. We often go for a walk to the part or entertainment center. In the evening I walk with my lovely dog and before going to bed I like to listen to music or to read an impressive book. I can visit my relatives, can prepare something to eat, also try to find time for sport, so in the evening I usually go to the gym. I think it's very important to feel that you've chosen the right way in your life. We have our own business and we work altogether.

My future goals are

I'm kind, optimistic, easy-going and sincere person. I am definitely not a careerist who would be pursuing goals over heads of others. I am a devoted person. I want to watch a movie with someone.

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