Birth Date
10 / June / 1988
50 kg 113 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I came here with hope that i will be able to find a man who is ready to take me and my kids into his life. Also i like reading, it helps me to relax and forget about everyday troubles. I have been married to my teenage love, who i have watched degrade from a young man with lots of hopes and plans, to the coach-potato without any desire to develop as a personality, drinking with friends and ignoring his family. I try new delicious meals every day and i like to amaze my friends with it. First of all he needs to have a positive attitude towards this life, because it's much easier to go through this life, when you are optimistic and take everything as it is without blaming the others and getting upset with every bad thing happened.

About my family

He has his family and lives in other city. I am a manicurist:-) I adore making other women more beautiful and I also have space for creativity! My typical day Well. I have a younger brother and an older sister. I have no siblings but I have very close relationship with my cousin, we are like real sisters :)Lady about herself I am cheerful and friendly lady) It is hard to describe yourself objectively but I have many friends and they like to spend time together with me!

Domestic abilities

I do all the work about the house for the moment. I do not like to live in a mess. I prefer to cook and try something interesting, I like to buy culinary books and cook dishes of different cuisines and countries but my favorite is Russian. I do not like to be alone. I must say that the Russian women can do everything about the house. Russian cuisine is very delicious. Try to know me, I have a feeling that you will never regret! My real passion is cooking, I can spend a great part of a day looking for a ways of preparing some interest exotic dishes, I like to please with my cooling talents everyone I can, and yet I never heard any bad word about this talent of mine. However, most of all I prefer to change everything at home.

What I do in my leisure time?

Nature plays important part in my life, communicating with it I can relax and forget about daily tensions and problems. In a word, I prefer psychology and philosophy. I like everything except to be bored! I am a miscellaneous person:) I like spending my free time with my family and friends outdoors. I know that smile can make people happier that's why I always like to share my smile with others. l also adore reading different books from novels to historical books and psychology literature. I like very much my dog, that is why I try to spend much time with him.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

You will be glad to communicate with her. she is a very serious about finding her beloved man and will do everything possible in order to find her beloved man as soon as possible. The lady is very self-confident and charismatic. Very gentle, tender, feminine but at the same time strong and creative. She is a attentive mother for her son and will be a good wife. This lady is very cheerful, positive, polite and sweet! Ksusha is smiling and charming lady.

How would I describe myself

I'm a very active, friendly, kind and and positive young lady, who enjoys her life and who always treats other people in a nice way. I became wise and adult very fast, because of the life situation. This is quite easy for me to infect those people who surround me with wonderful mood so I like communication too much. It is a great feeling to make somebody smile -) Maybe that's why it is almost impossible to find me in bad mood. The first thing is my love to move every second. As for my strong features of character, I value and cherish them. To me, I'm an open-minded person with a good heart, I keep developing myself and working on my inner world. I have many hobbies and interests.

My typical day

My typical day is like a hard day of a student =D I go to University, study hard there and then go home, cook and relax. It's nice to walk with music in your ears. I am like an energizer. Do you agree? My typical day starts with yoga as it helps me to keep myself active and energetic for all the day. I have to do a lot of daily work at home! Also I take care of my family's issues. We meet my parents or friends and enjoy some of our favourite hobbies :-)

My future goals are

I am a simple and down to earth lady. I have a big loving heart and huge desire to share all my love with the man who will appreciate it! Time flies fast and we will never return those days back. I don't like noisy companies.

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