Birth Date
10 / May / 1997
52 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

As i am a creative person i would like to meet here a man related to the art or a man who takes an interest in creation at all. We are pretty sure it is a dream of every man to be next to such a feminine and amazing woman. It also helps me to relax and dream:) What i do in my leisure time? As it is said “there is always a woman behind a successful man” :)

About my family

My future goals are I was raised in a loving and caring family, and my main goal is to create the same family of my own. That's why there are a lot of plants at home, that I water every day. I enjoy most of my duties. I am very glad to see them happy after so many years being a family. So it is one of my main goals now.

Domestic abilities

As any lady I do all my household duties. I like cooking, and my grandma gave me a lot of useful tips for it. What else do I need? It is women's nature, isn’t it? It needs very careful care so it is my everyday responsibility. I try to help my step father in something, usually it ends very fast, but I am happy to see smile on his face because of my attempts. I will spoil my future husband with delicacies from different cuisines from all over the world, but of course I will not let him to get fat as I keep myself in a good shape, so we will both eat healthy. I hope to have my own garden one day, it will be full of flowers. So if my beloved has a desire to return after work to a cozy and warm house, to delicious dinner and to beloved lady- I will be happy to share all my life with only him!

What I do in my leisure time?

But sometimes he stays with a nanny and I have time to do my own things. If it is summer time I go to the beach where I adore swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool and I like to have sunbathe. Summer gives me an opportunity to go to the riverside, visit my grandmother in the countryside, enjoy the sun and make parties at my home :) Winter is also full of activities :) Playing snowballs, making snowman, decorating him, eating tangerines and waiting for Santa Clause and his reindeer :) Have you been a good boy this year? I also like visiting cinemas and it is very important for me to spend enough time with my daughter, so I prefer to go there with her. I like nature, being outside the town. I also have many duties, which take most of time, but unlike most of people, I prefer to spend the rest of it not only with pleasure, but also with benefits for my inner world and spiritual development. And now I am a cheerleader girl and I support our American Football team "Nikolaev Vikings".

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Pleasant and gentle person . Tanechka is very lovely and bubbly lady, she is the kind of lady who can be a real friend and partner in life and to our opinion she is a great match to every man who wants to have peaceful and happy family :) This lady is very attractive and intelligent. Larisa is very communicative, kind and sincere woman. She is serious about finding her soulmate here. Iren is open-minded, positive and has serious intentions to find her beloved one here. Zhenya will never leave you alone with your problems.

How would I describe myself

My life is not easy but I never give up and believe in better! I have a big wish to be supportive, loving and perfect woman for my one man only. I am desperately looking for a nice man to make my life brighter. I know that I will find a very special person here and the life of two single people will change and become a fairy tale in real! It is the part of my daily life. The puzzle of my life will be completed, when I'll find my second half. My friends say that I have a big heart. I meet everything with a smile and will never let any obstacles stop me when I have a goal.

My typical day

After that I have some vocal lessons. Then I cook something tasty for myself and for my two cats. My favorite drink is hot chocolate. My typical day is rather busy, but I enjoy it as I'm an active person too. Also I can visit my family who lives not far from Lutsk. Then finally I come back home :) There I cook dinner for my family (or is is better to say something what looks like a dinner) and go out for an evening stroll. I get up at 7 am, and my days starts always with cup of coffee, I make breakfast to my son and he goes to school and I go working. I try to combine my work and my studies.

My future goals are

I take vocal lessons twice a week. I am a positive person. :) But also I'm demanding to myself, and think that everything depends of yourself! I like to make this life better with simple deeds like helping other people.

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