Birth Date
23 / October / 1987
47 kg 119 lbs
The type of man that I desire

reliable, faithful, the man who wants to understand his woman, discover her. An important fact is that he has to be attractive in his soul. On weekends i always visit my mom and my younger sister. My future goals are the most important thing for me is to create a strong and loving family! They can be grey, green or grey and green.

About my family

At 8 p. We like to come together for big holidays and to celebrate them with songs and dances. She is older than me (six years difference). We are very close, and have a tradition to spend Sunday evenings together and go to the church together. And of course I would like to present it to my beloved man.

Domestic abilities

I keep my home clean and tidy. I can do everything and I didn't get used to ask for the help. I like when my flat is clean and tidy, like when there is fresh air and many green pots) I like to lay on the floor, on the warm carpet that is why it should be always clean. Especially I like the desserts. I do like trying new things and I am not afraid of experiments in the kitchen. Other than that I think I am a good housekeeper. My mother taught me how to be a good housewife, how to cook and to keep the house clean and neat. They gradually grow up into being independent people. ) I always a have clean and comfortable home!

What I do in my leisure time?

I go on training for belly dancing. I like to do many things when I have a free minute :) Sometimes I just listen to music, especially when the weather is gloomy. Love nature (especially being at sea and in the mountains). I take dance classes and visit gym twice a week. Besides I fond of new films and going to a cinema, genres are different. I am an active person, so it's hard for me to stay at one place. -) But still, if I have some spare time, and as I am an active person, I try to go to the gym, to keep my body and soul fit and in a good shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Very beautiful, nice, talkative but at the same time a young woman with very serious intentions. She is intelligent and kind. Easy-going person with whom other people can discuss and share everything receiving a huge support. the lady is in a very good shape, she is beautiful and kind. Has a nice sense of taste and looks quite sophisticated. Anna showed herself as kind and simple lady. She wants to meet her one and only and fill his days with smiles and sunshine.

How would I describe myself

I am sure that it works both ways. Do you agree? I love to communicate and I am a mine of valuable or delightful knowledge! This is true for young people as well as for adults. Maybe, one day we would add more special traditions together? I adore singing. There are many things which I can give to my man, so I just hope that you are reading now these words and won't hesitate to write me :) I like coffee, chocolate and ice-cream)) That is why I am so sweet:) I like to meet new people, to communicate and to share my positiveness with the people around.

My typical day

This is my typical day. In the evenings I like to read medical literature to improve my knowledge in that sphere. I can tell I am very active by nature. Then I go to work, where I spend the most part of my day. Wake up-in a perfect mood and with a smile onto my face. My working day lasts till 6 pm, then I have my spare time, sometimes I go to gym, sometimes meet friends, and we just have talk or do shopping. I like musicals and dancing TV shows. Then with a good mood I am going to work)

My future goals are

I am cheerful and friendly girl. I love to take care of people, just make them happy the way I can. I am a kind and a happy woman. In case I am sure in my man, I want to be only with him, to give him everything I have.

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