Birth Date
27 / October / 1998
57 kg 134 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am easy-going, fun, affectionate, educated, helpful and sympathetic! I believe that such things will provide happy and long lasting relations. I have a son and he is a reason of my life now. My future goals are my future is closely connected with meeting my second half. With active life position, strong, but soft inside, caring.

About my family

We are friendly with with my mother, she is my best friend, I can ask her about everything and share every secret with her. My life will not be so colourful. We understand each other and try to help in difficult situations. You will never get bored with me as I make the world around me nice and comfortable, full of smiles and joy! My sister recently gave a birth to a baby, my nephew, that is why my family has increased.

Domestic abilities

As I live with my parents, I usually share all the chores with my mom. I like to help her. If I have time I always cook something interesting and new! I always keep my house in order. I don't mind domestic abilities, but most of all I like to cook something tasty and delicious. I like doing everything about the house. I like when there is order in my living place and everything is on its places. Especially when I make something sweet (I love sweets! I really enjoy cooking and can spend the whole day in the kitchen.

What I do in my leisure time?

But when I do have it, I adore going for a walk with my friends. So, I try to spend my free time productive! I like to listen to Eastern music. I think that we should care about the animals because sometimes they can't do that by themselves, that is why when I have the free time I'm working as a volunteer in the animal shelter. Leisure time was created for people to have rest and to make their little wishes come true. My leisure time can be very different :) On weekends I like to join my friends on bbq and picnics. Our team took part in different comptetions.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a good-looking lady with long dark hair and shinning eyes and she is ready to let a worthy man inside her world. She is very beautiful woman as she takes care of herself and look really good. She brings some wisdom in her heart. She is a smart, kind and very positive lady! She has great sense of humor. From the first meeting, she makes a good impression. She would be a good match and caring wife!

How would I describe myself

I'm friendly, positive and romantic girl. I can say about myself that I am cheerful, sometimes like a child. I am a very open-minded person. I came to find someone I can give it all to. I am a romantic girl, sometimes I even think I might be born in the times of Romeo and Juliet:) I appreciate good attitude towards myself and actions as well. I am not the most beautiful girl in the world, but the real beauty is about the soul. My favorite color is yellow and that is not a coincidence, because the sun always comes after the darkness. I enjoy listening to music and I like to play the piano.

My typical day

That is why I should get up very early. Like to see his smile while he's having fun on the playground with other children. I go to bed late in the evening with a feeling of weariness and loneliness. I need that because on the job of mine, I need to be radiant, and I'm. And it makes me happy inside watching for them! I'm eager to know how it looks like for two:) Then we have breakfast together and I prepare for the University. Then I wake my younger son up and we have a breakfast.

My future goals are

But I believe my singing is not that bad. I will go till the end and I never give up. I like passion and I want to be always attractive for my future man! In my personal life I am sentimental and romantic, love to be treated like a real woman, with respect and care.

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