Birth Date
16 / August / 1995
47 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am sure it is more important when you heart beats so fast when you see your soul mate. You never know in whom you can fall in love! Lady about herself it is rather hard for me to judge myself. My mom is the closest person in my life, who is always with me either it is good or bad times of my life. I am grateful to my parents for happy childhood in the open air, warm and sincere family atmosphere and their patience and wisdom.

About my family

I want my future family to be a alike where the most important things will be love and trust. I do my work, communicate with people and present my smile and positive feelings to others. He is a very smart, active child. We enjoy spending time together on different holidays and on usual days as well. :))) I'm an all-sufficient girl, I have two wonderful children, good job, house, dog.

Domestic abilities

When I have some more free time, putting books on the shelves in order or getting rid of some old stuff from my wardrobe could be a nice idea. Well, as I think many ladies I can do everything around the house and to make my house very clean and cosy) I can't say that I have a favorite thing to do around the house. I like to cook. My favourite flower is rose, but at home I have orchids. I am very domestic person and when I have to do all the duties about the house I do that with pleasure. So I have not much time to do something about the house. I can do everything, but I want to be a lady and to feel that I have reliable man next to me, who is ready to help me). I love my flowers very much. That-s why I learned how to do all the work around the house very quickly:) Most of all I like to cook!

What I do in my leisure time?

There are many places in my country which I prefer going to:) Forests and mountains are my favorite places. Also, I adore to travel! I can draw portrait. ) But of course besides sport I have a lot of favorite things to do. I work as a journalist, but not so long time ago I started to work as a model for clothing catalogues, I like fashion and beautiful clothes, so it is like a hobby for me. I always try to give the biggest and the best part of me to him. real :)

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Seems like she has a good mood all the time and every time she comes to the agency her eyes shine and she smiles broadly :-) She is very pleasant to talk with, and she seems to be very polite with other people and well-mannered. This lady is very reliable and gentle, well-mannered, she has serious intentions for her future. For this moment anna has vacation in another country till 15th of august, but she is available for communication She has bright eyes and charming smile. Interesting and feminine, she is a true treasure. She is very open minded and romantic, her smile made us feel great.

How would I describe myself

Hmmmm. Sometimes I may look very shy, but I always try to be sincere and I hate hypocrisy and lie. I know what I want from my life. I believe that everything is for the better. No drama, more smiles - it's about me! I am kind, loving and sensual woman. I became wise and adult very fast, because of the life situation. I am used to be strong to the life challenges, but I want to be tender and dependent to my man.

My typical day

Ideally my day starts with birds' singing and fresh air in my room, but as for now I live in a city, I only have a possibility to watch the nature through my window))). Every day is different for me! And of course I used to meet with my friends if the weather is fine. We like going to the cinema because I always try to watch all the new movies. I have day and night shifts at the hospital. Then I go back home and do some housework, then I buy groceries. As it should be for every worthy woman. I get up at 6 am and cook breakfast for me and my family, take shower and when I am ready I go to work or to the University.

My future goals are

After our communication it will become two more happy people in the world))) :):) I am pretty sure my choice will appreciate my inner world cause I am not only beautiful but wise and want what real man needs. I hope I will find a man who is ready for serious relations. I am kind girl with big heart and I am able to listen to others.

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