Birth Date
27 / January / 1987
62 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I dream about someone who will appreciate and support me in everything and could surround me with love and warmth. And i am ready to give him all my warmth and care. There are no problems in life, only misunderstandings and people who can't discuss and solve. These are the key features i would like to see in the man i desire. Some times i feel empty and then i go for a trip to get new emotions and new impressions.

About my family

I was so fortunate to have a very nice and friendly family. We were impressed with her lust for life. At 7 pm, we usually have our family dinner, we wait for all members and during it we talk about our day, share all news. My family is rather small, it consists of my son, my cat Mona and me. Lady about herself I am very communicative and so it's important for me to share.

Domestic abilities

As every woman I like to cook and bake) I feel very comfortable working in the kitchen, everyone knows that I cook the best desserts) I like to wash dishes and keep my home in the order, make it comfortable and cozy. Especially dietic food for my child. I like cooking and usually my family asks me to bake a cake or some other tasty dishes. Probably as most women I clean my house, trying to keep it tidy and cozy. I once heard that this way people attract positive changes into their life but I just like it and do it following my feeling. I like to do everything about the house! My future home will be very warm and with great atmosphere, I promise-). I like to make my home cozy. Perfect wife should be good housewife who is always sexy good-looking lady.

What I do in my leisure time?

I want to make my husband the happiest man in the whole world! I enjoy swimming and other active rest. I am fond of traveling-) There are so many places where I would like to go-) I like animals and taking care of them. Do not be afraid to join us -) I am a very active girl. I like to travel, to spend my time with friends, to enjoy nature. And I love to cook very much, especially cakes - do you want perfect chocolate Browny with ice-cream?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She will become a really wonderful wife and the kindest mother! There's always a beautiful smile on her face and it really charms. She wishes people could appreciate what they have and be happy with it. Valerie is a beautiful, pleasant girl with a great desire to build a family. we have never met such smiley and ambitious lady. Tanechka is very lovely and bubbly lady, she is the kind of lady who can be a real friend and partner in life and to our opinion she is a great match to every man who wants to have peaceful and happy family :) Zoriana is a very communicative and smiling girl, it's easy to talk with her, she is easy going and cheerful person.

How would I describe myself

That is the way I am) Therefore, I also think that I am also active and sociable person. I am kind, too. Because when I see people's smile, only then I am happy person! Hope, that I will be miracle for my loving partner :) I am sure that on this web site I will find my destiny, my future husband who will make me happy. I am very cheerful and optimistic person. I want to be the only one for you in whose eyes you will see the beauty of the sky :) I came to find someone I can give it all to.

My typical day

So, after this I begin to work, usually I try to do something difficult at the beginning because when I finish it I have only easy things to do and my end of the working day doesn't seem very bad and tiresome. I am working from 9 a. My life is quite busy, but I always find time for my relatives and friends. I hope that my future man will have the same interest. My working day is not special, I wake up and go for a walk with my dog and then going to work. Then I go to the University - which takes biggest part if my day time. If I don't have a mood for it, I can stay at home, listen to music or read a good book. I return home after and I usually find it very relaxing to cook something:)

My future goals are

But I don’t have a man, who will be able to do it with me. I am not the one to be shy even if I don't sound perfect. When I come back home in the evening, I want to cook for someone. Will you follow my way?

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