Birth Date
4 / June / 1984
51 kg 134 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I get up at 6 am. I want him to be simple. I appreciate if he is loyal and with strong family values. I think he must be strong but at the same time he must be able to find a compromise. I also spend much time outside, i like to ride a bicycle in a sunny weather.

About my family

but it is only when the weather is fine and allows to do it :) I also like to spend my free time with my fffriends :) I also like to watch films and to listen to music, it helps me to relax. I have a younger brother. I try to spare some time for drawing daily, as it is the activity which I like very much. It is such a rare thing to meet me in bad mood. I believe in destiny and true love.

Domestic abilities

I have many plants. I help her with dinner, as dinner is the time when the whole family has to sit at the table, eat and talk. I like my house to be neat, and I keep it clean always. It is like my hobby to prepare something new and delicious. I like comfort that's why I try to keep my house clean. I adore to invent something new and share recipes with my friends. I am very good at cooking) It is my passion) I like to cook pastry and variety of meat dishes) I like when my man is full that's why my future husband will never be hungry. Also I like to cook for my family. In other words I do my best for my grandmom to have some rest-)

What I do in my leisure time?

Sport helps to keep my mind clear when I want that. I also watch movies. Sometimes it is wonderful to have a picnic. Sometimes I meet with my friends and go to see some movie, or visit theater. I try to study and to work at the same time. but if we are in company, I like to dance and to sing songs. I'm interested in psychology, I like to read books.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Don't lose your chance to get to know her better! One of a kind! She is a very sweet and kind lady and will be the best wife in the future. She is very serious in her intentions to find her second half and to create a family. This lady is very feminine and tender, she is family-oriented and ready for creating serious relationship with a decent man. Extremely charming and lovely girl who is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to make concessions. This lady has a very good character, but at the same time, not so simple.

How would I describe myself

I like communication with others. I love children and know woman's household duties. It's hard to find a person who doesn't like sweets. But at the same time, I am a strong woman and I can always protect myself. I dream about a nice family and I hope my beloved man will help me to make this dream come true. I would like to see the world without violence. Seems like not much to wish for, but what a hard task! I'm independent but at same time I need my close people around me to share this amazing life with.

My typical day

Every new day is different for me. I drop my son off to school and go to work. Then I go to work where I test the programs which my colleagues have created. Than I cook something testy, healthy and delicious. Attend seminars and courses in accounting. When I have a holiday, I like to hang out with my friends, go to the cinema or play volleyball. Every my day starts with jogging. After my work is finished I go to pick up my son from the kindergarten and then I spend my time with my family or my friends.

My future goals are

I always strive for excellence. I think I can describe myself as an active and energetic, I enjoy my life and try to see positive moments in everything. I have one very unusual and very interesting feature! I am sure that life can be bright and positive when your second half is near you.

Dating union

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Dating union