Birth Date
11 / November / 1990
50 kg 132 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It would be great if he knows what romance is, because i can be a very romantic woman when i fall in love. I would like to meet a tall man with a good figure. I like to learn, so i'm not afraid of trying something new. Well, it's hard to tell as we never know whom our heart will fall for. I think that i wouldn't be able to say what would be my typical day like, as all of them are different.

About my family

:-) As for now, I enjoy cooking. I like reading, watching movies and meeting with friends. My family is not big and it consists of me and my mother. Like each mother I love them very much and take a good care about my children and they bring alot o positive emotions into my life which I want to share with my bloved man! I'm always ready to help my friends and give some piece of advice if they need it.

Domestic abilities

I like to experiment with ingredients and create new recipies. I am sure that children are repeating everything after their parents, that is why I want to give good example for my daughter. I like to make my house cozy and decor it, I enjoy cleaning the house and I usually cook something delicious. I have always been very hard-working, so domestic abilities only bring me pleasure. I do believe that someday I will cook for my future beloved and we would enjoy a good time together. Every morning my family gets delicious buns baked by me. I like, when my home is clean and tidy. except of moving the furniture. The place where all our worries will vanish and our hearts will be filled with love.

What I do in my leisure time?

I cook tasty cakes, bake biscuits, do shopping, visit my close friends and relatives, go out to have dinner with my parents, go to the gym. I like to devote my free time to my son, and when I have my beloved person next to me, I will be happy to spend our free time together. Being very active and creative person I love to spend my free time actively. I wish I could have 48 hours a day to complete with all my hobbies. I like to spend my time with my daughters and their families :) I like to read books, to watch some good and interesting movies with a happy end :) Also I love travelling. One of my favorite skill is drawing, so when I have free minutes I begin to sketch a new portrait. I love to watch movies :) Comedies, dramas, thrillers, sports movies.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She never gives up easily and ready to reach her dreams. Iren is open-minded, positive and has serious intentions to find her beloved one here. It's almost impossible to see her in a bad mood. Very sportive and beautiful. This lady is very beautiful, feminine, amiable, intelligent and extraordinary. She is serious in her search and she appreciates family greatly and wants to have her own in the nearest future. This lady is a very positive person with a good sense of humour.

How would I describe myself

I like to be happy and to share my happiness with other people. and all we can do is to wait until these events happen in our life. I think that a man owes me nothing. I like animals very much and sometimes I work as a volunteer at the animal shelter. And I am ready to give my heart to the person who deserves it. I am very active and energetic and I bet it is interesting to be with me. One day I dream to see Italy! Very supportive and caring person, family is very important for me.

My typical day

But I dream to go out one day not with friends but with my beloved man. Usually, when I don't go to the University, I wake up at 8:00, drink a cup of coffee and make houshold chores. In the evening I take Lev home, we have a dinner and go for a walk or stay at home to watch cartoons, play and work around the house. Every evening, when my son is playing, I am trying to find time to do some exercises, because I like keeping myself in a good shape. That's why I decided to become a medical assistant. I like my work and try to help people who are in need. I usually get up at 6:30 o'clock in the morning have my running, then I take a shower, have my breakfast and go to my work. I am talking a lot during the day so late in the evening I am usually calm and little bit tired but I always find a strength for a smile, tender kiss and warm hugs)

My future goals are

I am fond of life first of all and I know that any moment could be made as unforgettable, not ruining but creating things. The main thing people need to know about me is that I'm a very calm and peaceful person. I am romantic, optimistic, easy going. I’m the one who can do it, even if everyone says it’s impossible.

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