Birth Date
9 / July / 1982
47 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am looking for a man for the whole life! I want the man who is really sure in his intentions to create a family. First of all i want to meet a man with whom i would feel comfortable, safe and loved. About my family i was born in ordinary Russian family in the suburbs of a big city dnepropetrovsk in a small town. My typical day every day brings something new and interesting for me.

About my family

But my passion is cooking. This kind of relationship I would definitely bring to my future family. I'm the only kid in the family. On weekends I always visit my mom and my younger sister. I am trying to be very attentive to his study.

Domestic abilities

I think that the house is the second woman's face. I hope that in my near future I will do this with my man. If you taste my apple pie, you will fall in love with it forever! I clean up quite often and have no problem with any domestic chores. I'm a head of my little family because I have neither husband or a man who can undertake this duty. I like to see my house clean and neat all the time, but of course there is something I like to do most of all. I cook mostly on the weekends or holidays, when I'm waiting for the guests. I know a lot of family recipes and it's important for me to eat domestic food and do not buy it or eat semi-prepared food. I will be honest.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to be with my friends and to visit cafes or cinemas together. I like to spend my leisure time doing simple things. I adore long walks in park, meeting with friends and just wandering the streets. I go on training for belly dancing. We like to be involved into different sport activities and of course, going to the movies or may be even resting in the nature. That is why I try to spend my leisure time in the most funny and useful way :) I adore skiing, ridding the horse, walking in the autumn park, cooking, baking big cakes). In my leisure time I like to meet with my friends and to spend a nice time together.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Vlada has all features of a lady, it's easy to talk with her and after few words, it seems that you know her for a long time already. Her smile makes people happier:) we noticed some sparkles and mystery in her beautiful brown eyes. She is very kind and warm hearted, feminine and positive! So she always reaches her goals . ))))With her bitter family story, which taught her to be stronger and more independent. She is confident in her strength and believes in herself. She has a kind heart and is easy to get on with everybody and ready to help and to give a meaningful and worthy advice.

How would I describe myself

I like to be adventurous and active lady in all my duties. I love children and know woman's household duties. But it is so short to live it alone! I am loving, caring and understanding person. I think all difficulties are temporary and we should take everything possible from our life. But there is another thing also. Love, find me, pleaseeee! I am sure you will be impressed with my personality!

My typical day

Especially I love to decorate weddings, because I charge energy from happy people. I like to get up early because my day seems much longer then :-) That's why I prefer to go to bed around 10 or 11 pm so I can get enough sleep. My typical day now is a bit crazy because of two my lovely daughters, a lot of activity, laugh and love. :) I try to dedicate Sunday to myself (I'm doing a variety of beauty treatments or spend a day in a spa – salon). My typical day is rather busy, but I enjoy it as I'm an active person too. I love children very much and want them to be healthy. Then, I usually take my dog for a walk or meet with my friends and we go to the gym together. Sports is a big part of my life.

My future goals are

I dream to be happy and loved. When I was told I would need to tell about myself I didn't know what to say, so I spent a while sitting with a blank slate looking outside the window, but then all of a sudden I started writing. I am very sweet, easy going, kind hearted, smiling, calm and positive lady :) I usually stay calm and I am in search of my beloved man.

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