Birth Date
25 / April / 1987
56 kg 124 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My typical day all my days are different because i am not obliged with work and i am free to decide what i am going to do today in the morning)i do not really like to build plans, i am a dreamer and i try to make my dreams to come true every single day of my lifei am a kind of adventurous person and i always try to diversify my daysi like to travel, sometimes just to go out of the city for walking, hiking, camping, visit parks, concerts, exhibitions, beach in summer, pool in winter and meet more and more new people) I try to treat people, how i want to be treated myself. I think that money can't make you really happy. Watch this video for free Love is freedom, love is all.

About my family

I have no doubts that my parents are the best in the world because they always tried to give me everything while I was a child and now they are the biggest support for me and my best friends! I like animals, most of all I like cats)My typical day Every morning I wake up and prepare for a new day at the University. My parents gave me the most valuable things. This text will be replacedSee her fascinating movements and charming smile. The type of man that I desire I am looking for a serious and reliable man to create a happy family with.

Domestic abilities

I like cooking and my friends and family like my dishes very much. But I am very neat, that's why it's very important for me to maintain cleanliness in our apartment)) Man who is not hungry, is half happy. I always cook tasty Easter cakes for Easter, I am so good at baking! It is funny and keeps you positive when you are able to cook something using simple products from the fridge. Sometimes I invite my family and cook something interesting and delicious for them! I like orchids very much. As I have mentioned before, I like cooking, especially something new and unusual. During these years I have found myself being able to do everything around the house, whether it is just cooking, or simple cleaning of the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I have many different interests, like everyone in this big world. Sport is a part of my life too. I'd love to see even more. When I don’t dance, I devote my time to reading and watching movies. I am a very active girl. Why are you going to sit at home? I can't imagine this world without beauty.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is very intelligent, well-mannered, sincere, open-minded and well-educated lady. Natali is very beautiful and charming lady, intelligent and family oriented! But she is not so simple as one may think. Mary is intelligent,nice, active, kind and positive lady with high moral principles. This lady is beautiful and young. This lady is very charming, easy-going, attractive. The lady is a very pleasant person with whom you can find a common language very easy.

How would I describe myself

People are not perfect, of course, but they are often very straightforward about their wish to become more educated each day, and I am one of such people – very communicative, optimistic and active. Do you agree with these statements? I am a very faithful and loyal woman, my man will never have to worry about me. I always put my best in everything I do, I'm a very responsible person. Somewhere deep in my heart I know that I will manage to find such love and I will be really happy. I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him. I am fond of life first of all and I know that any moment could be made as unforgettable, not ruining but creating things. I like stability and try to fulfil my life with it.

My typical day

Enjoy yoga very much. Every day is like a previous one. My day usually begins with sweet stretches, as I like to spend some time in bed after hearing alarm clock. Then I come back home and cook supper)). Only then I go to my adorable work. In the evening, I like to read books or to watch interesting movies. After that I go to work and after this I study. Sometimes I just lie on the sofa, turn on TV just to feel less lonely and close my eyes.

My future goals are

And every page is a new topic. I'm friendly, positive and romantic girl. I like coffee, chocolate and ice-cream)) That is why I am so sweet:) I like to meet new people, to communicate and to share my positiveness with the people around. I am exactly that person) But I really like flowers, especially orchids and roses.

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