Birth Date
5 / April / 1983
53 kg 116 lbs
The type of man that I desire

What type of a man do i desire? For a person who will understand me and who knows what love is. I work in children's center early development as psychologist. I like kind, faithful and strong-willed men who can solve different problems that life can bring to our family and i want my man to be a strong shoulder for me which i can rely on in the bad moments in our lives. My need #2 is to feel loved and desirable.

About my family

To find a man in order to give him my love, share with him all of my joy and concerns. I am the only child in a family but I am not a spoiled one. Family dinners, picnics, walks, evening film screenings hold our family together! My family is the people who love me, support me and care for me, always ready to help. My mother, my father and my granny live in the village where I grew up.

Domestic abilities

I like my house to be always clean and bright. Most of all I like to take care about my lovely orchid)), it's my favorite plant. I like different cuisine. I think, I'm a good house keeper, that's why I like to see my home tidy and comfortable. and I do everything to keep order in my house :) I like cooking and learning something new. Of course I do that too as that is what any lady just should know how to do an I was raised by my mom as a good girl. To tell you the truth I buy different beautiful things for my flat. Russian cuisine is very delicious.

What I do in my leisure time?

I also play the guitar. If you want to know me better, ask me, that’s not all… I am a person who loves nature, walks, talks, movies). I do not like to be lazy, I need to act always. I like cooking a lot and be sure you will fall in love with my borscht--) Love active life, love to be busy. There are days when I am active, and there days when I am not.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It seems that she has never felt sadness :) She reminds a kind beautiful fairy who came in order to make all people happy and involved in the beauty of life, she can talk in such a way you will never forget and again and again one can wait a meeting with her like the most long waiting holiday in his life. She is a rare diamond. She is realistic about her hopes and would like to find the man whose life she would complete as much as he completes hers. Also this girl is ready for an unexpected twist of fate. Positive girl with charming smile and big sparkling eyes)) She is very open and sociable.

How would I describe myself

I can say this because I do not like night clubs and I never attend them. I'm a positive and easy-going lady and I like to meet with my friends, to spend time as much as possible with my children and relatives. I enjoy spending my free time outside. Hi there :-) I'm Vika and I'm here to find my other half and to create serious relationships with him. But please do not think that I am too dreamy and do not want to face the reality. As any woman I like flowers and sweets! The main thing people need to know about me is that I'm a very calm and peaceful person. They are example for me and I believe that in future I will have such a great family as mine.

My typical day

After my work, I go home. Then I make breakfast and get ready for work. I begin my day with turning on some good music that brings me a great mood, I dance and prepare myself for the workday. I have breakfast and go to work. If the weather is fine I like going for a walk. Then I go home and play with my cat! I make a cup of coffee and enjoy my morning watching news. I try to enjoy my days and challenge my life to remember every passing day:)

My future goals are

I'm just a girl who wants to love and to be loved by you, my special one. I like to travel very much that is why I am occupied as the tourism manager, but the most important for me is my future family, which I hope awaits for me in the near future. I always try to be such a person and I adore to raise people's mood. I could talk about myself a long time telling about my hobbies, accomplishment and advantages.

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