Birth Date
6 / November / 1982
48 kg 104 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I have some flowers in my house that`s why one of my duty is to look after them, to water them in time and to replace to other pots. Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! As every person, i want to feel that somebody needs me. I like to pamper myself with new plants. Then i prepare some tasty breakfast which is healthy and looking good.

About my family

Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! We always try to celebrate all important holidays together. She is intelligent and has a good sense of humour. I want my man could tell me what troubles him, or what makes him happy. I got a chance to appreciate the care and love my parents gave me all my life.

Domestic abilities

I think it is very important to get her accustomed to work since early years. Believe me, there is nothing I can't deal with. May be one day I will invite you too, who knows. I am a creative person. It is my real passion. I really enjoy cooking, cleaning my house and helping my grandfather about the house. I am sure that coziness and warmth of home are very important for happy life of the family. I'm lucky to be the oldest child in the family so I'm good at everything -) I enjoy cooking very much. She can advise, can prompt but not force.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I like sport, especially aqua aerobic, it helps me to feel healthy and active:) I like to take part in different photoshoots. When I have time - I read magazines or books, I cook and bake sweets with my daughter. Photography became one of my passions as I always try to capture beauty of this world and share it with others. I am very versatile personality. I love to develop my personality when I have free time. Also I love rock music, so I love to visit rock concerts. Walk around the city and drop by some cozy cafe and drink cup of hot chocolate thereā€¦ but sometimes I prefer to stay alone at home and enjoy silence or calm and relaxing music.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Very positive, cheerful and soulful lady, a girl with just a shimmer in her eyes, who immediately attracts attention to herself with her childlike innocence and a very unique charm. Dreaming about her own family. She's a beautiful, smart and interesting lady! This lady is very energetic and sweet in communication. Yulya is also a kind of an emotional lady and with her personal outlook on things. This lady has charged us with her energy and kindness. It's very easy to communicate with her because she is simple, considerate and good listener too.

How would I describe myself

I lead a healthy life style. I quickly find common language with people and the age difference is not very important to me at all. and simply need a tender kiss in the morning :) I think that friendship between man and woman exists, only if it's not based on love feelings. I am waiting:)What I do in my leisure time? I want to be the only one for you in whose eyes you will see the beauty of the sky :) Often nights I like to look at the sky and see sivering stars there, and I try to make simple things full of meanings. I am certainly doing my best to get rid of weak points.

My typical day

The schedule of my day is dependent on two jobs which I do and normally it changes every week. I live very close to my university so I walk there. Sometimes I can meet my friends or go to the cinema. It starts early in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee and then I go to the University. Sometimes I watch some interesting programs and movies or just read an interesting book. In free time I usually meet with my friends, read books about psychology and dream about future day and suddenness which would present me my destiny. Before going to sleep I can watch a movie. I used to work as the office manager for last three years!

My future goals are

I know that one cannot learn everything, but this world is so interesting, that I cannot help diving into it! Often nights I like to look at the sky and see sivering stars there, and I try to make simple things full of meanings. I am the best and you will see it :) Because when I see people's smile, only then I am happy person!

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