Birth Date
10 / June / 1992
49 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

And i think i succeed in this sphere. I want to meet strong man - real defender - i need it very much! Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! I have a granny. My mr.

About my family

And I know that no matter what happens in my life they will always be there for me. That's why there are a lot of plants at home, that I water every day. My daughter wakes up a bit later and I help her to get ready for school and take her to school. Watch this video for FREE I grew up in a regular family.

Domestic abilities

I cook, bake (I love cakes! I like when everything is in order. So, the important thing about me is that I like cooking. -) My mom doesn't work somewhere now and she is a housewife. All my family and friends say that I have a big talent for this. I am in the habit of helping my mom to run the house. I'm really have a lot of domestic abilities and I want to say that I like everything that I do at home, but my true passion is cooking. And no one ever complained about it. Cooking is also interesting for me, I like it, but I should say that my practice is limited now.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like watching new movies, especially romantic and comedies. In my leisure time I do sport, I do reading. I like to learn something new everyday, I like to communicate with different people, to discover new cultures, try new dishes, just enjoy life and live every minute of it to the fullest. Several times per week after the work I'm going to the gym and try to be in shape, but you know sometimes it is just needed to go home after the work and to have some rest)) when I'm at home, I like listening to the music, I do not know how is it for you, but as for me music helps to relax and to forget for a while about daily life. I also find a lot of pleasure in going to the nature and enjoying its beauty. I am cheerful and active young lady who can not sit in one place. One of my favorite movies is "Sweet November" - there is so much of romance and kindness in it.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It's very hard to find such a sincere, honest, kind, reliable, faithful and sweet lady like anna. If you need a friend she is the one. She doesn't like to argue. This lady has a great sense of humor so that`s impossible to get bored with her. Julia is a kind person. She is an open and kind hearted woman who deserves to be pampered. Julia is very open and sincere, she is an amazing person and we hope she will find her destiny with our help.

How would I describe myself

I never stop learning and discovering new things. The only thing I would never be able to understand is a betray. :) I want in the end of my life to be able to look back and see my life meaningful and complete. I am kind, caring, creative, ambitious, reliable, witty and strong-willed. Then I am the one! I would like to find a caring and loving man here. I am very romantic, one man woman. That's why I think that I have enough wisdom, self-containment and understanding.

My typical day

I don't spend a day when I don't dance. I don't have much free time because of work, but I always try to wake up early before work and to go running in some park or just not far from a house. I just adore my work. My body is the best alarm clock for me, because every morning I get up early and at the same time every day. I am very close with my mother and she is my best friend. We are learning everything about human body, different diseases, how to behave in different situations. If the weather is nasty I love staying at home and reading a book or playing my guitar. I usually make a cup of coffee which make my day better and gives me an opportunity to feel full of energy during whole day.

My future goals are

I am sociable, simple, easy-going and optimistic person. I'm an active, communicative and full of enthusiasm lady who is ready for changes in her life. One day I dream to see Italy! Well, what could I say about my character?

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