Birth Date
18 / June / 1990
62 kg 107 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I like to dream and often i imagine my second half like a decent, clever, kind and brave man. the man who is confident and who knows how to make his dream come true :) Also i like men who have a good sense of humor. I like sport and i attend fitness, swimming pool and pilates lessons every week. It is not an easy task, but i believe that nothing is impossible!

About my family

We always help each other no matter what and I think that family is the main thing in life. We wake up early in the morning. And then our family will be complete. We are very loving and close with my family, and I know that my relatives will kindly and lovingly accept my chosen man into our family. I think that only those people who have something in common could be happy together.

Domestic abilities

:) From cooking to ironing and it brings me joy when I see clean and tidy apartment! So that I like cleaning it, I like cooking for my guests, and so on, and so forth. I adore doing this! I am extremely good at cooking and baking. I am very creative and I like to create my own recipes. I'm not a modern woman who thinks only about job, I try to be a home-keeper who creates coziness and relaxing atmosphere at home. I am good at making Russian dishes, especially borsch -) So. I know how to create it and I know that I would always be ready to add coziness to anything I do. As I mentioned earlier, I was grown up in a family where woman is traditionally a keeper of the home hearth and a husband's muse, so I will always keep my home clean and cosy.

What I do in my leisure time?

I spend my free time cooking, reading or listening to the music sometimes. In my leisure time I go to the gym, draw, meet with friends and cook! I like theaters, operas, art galleries, concerts and dream once to swim with dolphins. I like to spend time with family and friends, to do sport and to listen to lounge music. He is fond of sports and I support his interest. Also, I am very sociable and I like to spend my free time with my friends too. As any woman I'm a shopper.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

It was impossible to resist her charms. She looks like the sun ray! We wish her good luck in her search. She will motivate you to scale new heights! Very positive and amazing lady. She is a good-looking lady with long dark hair and shinning eyes and she is ready to let a worthy man inside her world. Very pleasant opinion - smart and cheerful lady.

How would I describe myself

I will be happy to explore this wonderful world with you! I love traveling very much! I think that I am a good and trustworthy friend and I hope soon I will find a man who will wish to see me as a loving wife and a passionate lover. My typical day I get up very early. I think that I am a good and trustworthy friend and I hope soon I will find a man who will wish to see me as a loving wife and a passionate lover. I dream to have pets in my apartment but now I am too busy to take care of them. Only the one thing that make my eyes sad is lack my beloved man in my life! I like to feel harmony with nature.

My typical day

My typical day is not different from the days of other woman who works and brings up the children. My typical weekends are devoted to active rest with my friends. Go to the bath. Since it is over, I am able to spend more time just hanging out with my friends and overall relax more :) In the evening I love meet with friends or spend time with my niece and nephew. m till 2-3 p. The first one is to my mom. Waking up early and having morning jogging with my four legged friend is my secret of being cheerful and optimistic during the whole day) When I come back, I drink some juice and go to work.

My future goals are

I think that friendship between man and woman exists, only if it's not based on love feelings. I can say that I am a kind woman and I am always ready to help people who need me. This is the only one aim I have at the moment. I love to take care of people, just make them happy the way I can.

Dating sisters

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Dating sisters