Birth Date
26 / September / 1997
57 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

She has to feel that she is loved and desired. Of course i would put family on the first place and that is my goal number one now - creating my own family. I know as soon as i find him, my heart will recognize and choose him. I'm not looking for the perfect one, but i believe that the beloved man is always ideal! When he hates neighbours, traffic police officers, his boss and new monday.

About my family

He loves football, bicycling. I have very trustful relations with my parents and they can always help me with an advice. He must understand that a man must show his feeling, not only at the beginning of the relations. I am passionate about my work, I like to help people and make their lives healthier and more pleasant. I was lucky to be born and brought up in a loving and supportive family.

Domestic abilities

The most important ingridient in all my dishes is my love and one more - my beloved man who will try everything I cook. I am trying to prepare something tasty for the whole family when I have much time I like to give a treat to them with something special and extraordinary. I do everything step by step and do not feel it is hard or unpleasant for me. I really enjoy cooking, cleaning my house and helping my grandfather about the house. I like to find something new in the Internet and cook it for the most dear people in my life. I think it's fair, because it is hard to do domestic chores properly when you come back tired from work. Most of all I love to cook something new and unusual. I think it would not be new if I would tell I love cooking :) but I really adore it :) I think food should be healthy and home made. It is not a problem for me to wash dishes or wash clothes.

What I do in my leisure time?

I love animals. I am a single parent of two lovely children. I want to see his igniting face when he tries what I cooked for him. He is very active that's why we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. -) I try to discover one new place every vacation I take at work and bring something that reminds me about my trip. ))) Also I like to go out with my friends and spend some time outdoors. I don't have much free time, since I dedicate it to my little tressure - my daughter, but when I have time - I like to take care of flowers and to develop my personality by reading good books.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She has some dreams and desires and i am sure that she has enough strength to get everything that she wants. Lady is very positive and she is serious in everything. She tries to be gentle with her child and she is very successful and direct in her business. Seems like she can find time for everything - family, job, fun. She wants to find a man who will protect and admire her at the same time! We hope that with our help she will find her real love and be very happy. She speaks quiet but her tender voice is what you want to keep hearing and enjoying.

How would I describe myself

I am kind and caring girl. I love to make people smile and feel welcomed) Dream to visit France and Italy. I like animals and children because I think that they cannot lie. I always try to be positive, no matter what the situation is and enjoy every moment in this life. I do not talk too much because I like listening more. When I fall in love I will never betray. I am hard-working, responsible, faithful person.

My typical day

After taking a shower, I am in rush to cook meals for my family. When I come back home I usually have a rest. They all are different. I never take work home and like to leave it thinking only about home :) Swimming helps me to relax, and to be in good shape, I also like cycling and running so much:):) In the evening I like to drink tasty tea together with my daughter. :) So, first of all I feed him and let him play. When I have free time I like to knit. Sometimes I meet my friends and we go out for a walk or jogging as we all like health style of life))) I hope to spend my evening with my beloved person watching TV, talking, laughing… having fun)))

My future goals are

I like everything positive in this life. Do the right things right - that is my life moto and you can be sure that I am following it! I like to open new things in life: to read a fascinating book, to watch a documentary movie or just to find a new recipe. The most important thing is that I am ready to love, give and care!

Dating profile men

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