Birth Date
2 / November / 1990
55 kg 113 lbs
The type of man that I desire

i see a man of my dreams as a respectful and loving person. My family consists of 5 members. Feel as if it was your first date with this lady — it is worth 1000 pictures! I am a very friendly person and everyone says that-i read a lot and can not imagine myself without a book. I want to find a man who is interested in my inner world, but not in my pocket.

About my family

I wake up, take a shower, do my make-up, drink a cup of coffee. Smile is a power. What I do in my leisure time? At the moment I am living with my father, my daughter and my sister. I wish I could have same family of my own!

Domestic abilities

I adore this fragrance in the kitchen when dinner is on the table :) I adore flowers and I like to look after them, I'm little pedantic person and I like order :) I like when everything is on its place :) :) I don't have much flowers, just a couple. I like to keep my residential yard clean and tidy, to plant flowers and to decorate the area around my house. And enjoy it very much, especially with some nice music on :). I like to cook something tasty. Almost all domestic abilities are subjects to me. I think that all of this is a part of women’s life! I think no matter what you are doing in your house if you don't have anyone who is waiting for you at home, it is hard to enjoy life when you are alone. As I live alone, I do everything by myself-).

What I do in my leisure time?

I like nature and it helps me to express my feelings and my emotions. And most of all I love to spend time in nice, friendly and cheerful company! Such days make me feel happy and relaxed but there is one thing I would like to do in my leisure time - spend it not with my friends only but together with a person who is dear to my heart. Gym, volleyball, tennis and football, yes yes - football-) I want to be in a good shape, that is why it my spatiality -) And it is not all what I like to do, I prefer to read, to listen to music, to go for walks, to ride a bicycle, to cook and to play with my pets-) I like to visit art galleries, theatres and cinemas. :) I would like my man to be with me. I think I am a unique girl)) Do you know why?

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Optimistic and communicative lady, very polite and sincere. This lady will be the best and the most devoted wife in the world The lady is very serious and family oriented, very polite and kind. Always ready to help. Alyona is a very lovely lady. Katerina is cute and funny lady. Marisha is easy-going and sincere and it is always a pleasure to talk to her.

How would I describe myself

I am a very caring woman, I appreciate loyalty, tenderness and friendship. I like to motivate people. In case I am sure in my man, I want to be only with him, to give him everything I have. -))) I know what I want from the life and I always try to achieve my goals. I'm open to new acquaintances and want to find an interesting and active man here. I'm a tender lady whose heart is open for serious relations. I have passion to cars, I am a driver myself and enjoy it very much. I love my kids and there is never a day when I am not happy to be a mother.

My typical day

Also I have a few trainings in the gym during the week. After work I go to the gym, or visit the pool or just walk in the park. I like cosy cafes and quite places. In the evening I can meet my friends and we have some time for fun together. Usually I wake up early and do some exercises to make up my body. In the evening I usually have a very good rest and long sleep. I get up, turn on a good music and go to cook some breakfast, after breakfast I go with kids to the kindergarten and school and after it I go to my work. It is really so, because I don't have similar of equal days, every day gives me unique and special lessons, impressions, gifts, meetings and I appreciate it a lot.

My future goals are

I think I'm sociable and cheerful, but at the same time I take many things seriously. I like my friends, I like to enjoy this life. I have an ability to see the bright side of every shade. I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence.

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