Birth Date
17 / November / 1991
61 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

The man whom i would like to meet should be charming, sincere and cheerful. After doing some work i go to the gym where i am trying to spend my time in the best way doing some exercise what is very useful for my health and body. And there should be passion between us that becomes even stronger every time we see each other. I value a good sense of humor, kindness, love and care in my future soul mate. My typical day i believe that day should be started with positive emotions!

About my family

I come from a typical Russian family with a democratic approach in raising children. After the dinner we are always drinking tea with cookies and talking about the events of the day. I enjoy each moment of our my life and I hope that soon I will find the man of my dream that will love and care about me, and will be my inspirer-))Get a much better idea of the lady's personality! I have an elder sister. She is amazing!

Domestic abilities

It will be a real pleasure for me to prepare something tasty for my beloved. Unfortunately I don't have much time for it. I don`t want to show off but I can cook everything that you wish. Woman must create comfort in house and spoil her beloved with tasty meals she can cook -) Most of all I like baking pies. I love to work with house plants, to decorate home with many original things, which are often made by myself. So I spend a lot of time for domestic abilities, but most of all I like to cook, please do not think that I am the best cooker in the world, but I really like to do it and it is very funny and brings me a lot of pleasure and joy. I was brought up with such ideas and I'll folow it up to the end of my life. I like to do things round the house.

What I do in my leisure time?

I enjoy nature, to go for barbecue or on the beach to swim and sunbath. I am definitely not a book-worm but reading is a passion of mine. And my favourite is sport. My hobby is bead embroidery, I often embroider Russian national shirts when I have some free time. Also I visit the gym. I am sure it could be very interesting and exiting! I love anything about nature and I dream of camping over the night, watching stars and dreaming of something romantic.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

natalia is very elegant and charming woman, she is very stylish and easy-going, she is a good listener and very understanding person. ))))With her bitter family story, which taught her to be stronger and more independent. Such person can always help and support at complicated situation. The lady always seems to be in a good mood, very talkative and sociable. She is the loveliest, tenderest and cutest girl in the world! This lady is positive and you will never get bored with her while she is around! You realize that she sees life in a positive way, no matter what happens.

How would I describe myself

I love to learn new things in life and to create new things. I am very creative, too - I should always have to have a source of inspiration in my life. I am kind, loving and sensual woman. I don't want to stay alone. I do know the value of people's heart and try to never hurt people who are important for me! I always ready to help my close people. I really want peace in the whole world as I hate wars and when innocent people die. I think that I have a good sense of humor and I have a good intuition.

My typical day

I finish my work after dinner, and then I am busy with my hobbies. Just work, home duties and a gym. It is rather difficult for me to say what my typical day is, cause every day is unique and it brings something new to my life. I work as a lawyer in the field of civil law. I like drinking coffee during lunch with milk chocolate bar. I think I'm a lucky woman because I really love my job. After my morning routine I go for work. Actually it is quite a hard question for me.

My future goals are

I'm a sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman. If I do something I do it as good as I can! I participated in the Open Cup NABBA / WFF for bodybuilders. I consider myself to be a mature woman who knows what she wants.

Dating peruvian woman

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Dating peruvian woman