Birth Date
8 / July / 1990
61 kg 128 lbs
The type of man that I desire

They are the best parents in the world. I guess it just shows you that the world is real, that life isn't and never has been perfect but a famous author once said 'if you don't believe you won't achieve '. When you love his appearance in the morning after sleeping. I like cooking and usually my family asks me to bake a cake or some other tasty dishes. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :)

About my family

The type of man that I desire I think every lady wants to meet her man, who will be caring, kind, loving and will protect his wife and family. I am a nurse. My mom and dad help me to take care of my kids and sometimes they take them to spend a weekend with them, or they watch them when I have a lot of work. I want to have an honest and family-oriented man. For now my son is the closest person for me.

Domestic abilities

))) As I live in a private house, I love growing flowers, different plants, fruit and vegetables. Even made prom dress for my cousin :) Our relatives and friends like to come to our place. It can be anything. What can I do? Would you like to lead a healthy lifestyle with us? Domestic abilities sounds like something that can be quite joyful and fun! Of course I do all the cleaning, ironing, laundry, but I like flowers and different plants, as well as my wonderful cats, so taking care of them really means a lot of pleasure. I go for shopping with my grandpa and aunt.

What I do in my leisure time?

Show me the bridge, I will find bungee and will jump from it! I think every person has to improve himself! When I have some free time I used to walk outside, watching movies and go to the theater. It's so amazing to create a new thing with your hands:) I like making handmade for my closest people and to show them how much I care about them. I very like the nature and I used to to the picnics or to make BBQ with the members of my family. Also, I am fond of different types of sports, gym, skiing or riding a bike from time to time when it is possible. I want to impress my man with my dishes.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is open, kind, understanding. She is very talented and her *works* are real masterpieces. Inga is a very open lady, you can find yourself talking with her about everything and there is something special in her shyness. There is no feeling of discomfort while having conversation with her as she looks at you with tenderness and kindness that her big eyes are full of. very positive and smart lady, she will be a very good wife and housewife) She believes there is no need to pay attention to the past. She wants to find her man and to be happy!

How would I describe myself

I don`t like arguing and I prefer to be silent when I hear some negative speech. I am a girl in all meaning of this word. I see all the beauty of world around me. Being open and communicative means broadening my mind and my views on the world. I am a positive person. I like to help people and make them happy. I will not waste time for getting into arguments. I can say that I am a kind woman and I am always ready to help people who need me.

My typical day

I walk a lot now. At this time I prefer to do something relaxing and useful. Then my busy day starts. I like nature, parks, to sit somewhere in a cosy cafe. But if it is a weekend. At the weekend I usually do the cleaning of my flat and do the cooking. My typical day is simple and describes what a simple person I am. After this I go to gym or dance school!

My future goals are

I am affectionate and I would want to find a man who is able to be my support, my love, and to show all his affection to me, too. I am not naive but at the same time I want my world to be without lies, betrayal and hypocrisy, where is kindness, cosines and peace. I am very cheerful, curious, friendly, sociable and active girl. I am romantic, optimistic, easy going.

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