Birth Date
24 / December / 1997
58 kg 101 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Besides i would like my man to keep shape and health as well. I am the only child in the family but my granny taught me how not to be selfish. I want him to be reliable, too. I think i am not bad at it actually. He is a gentleman.

About my family

She is very smily, honest and has a good sense of humor. she is my best friend ever and also the most important person in my life. Have passion for sweets and pink roses. Our personal opinion of this Lady Elena is a very positive person. I enjoy every moment of my life.

Domestic abilities

I am doing everything about the house, I like to make it clean and comfortable. I am sure I would be a good wife and my future husband would come back home with pleasure after the hard working day)) My home is always tidy and clean. She should create an atmosphere of comfort. I was raised up in the village where I helped my parents to do everything around the house and in the garden. That's why my future husband will never be hungry. I will be a great wife for my husband. I adore, I love to cook and I always try to surprise my family with a new tasty dish ! I like doing the work I need to do outside because I like fresh air.

What I do in my leisure time?

Maybe one day we can set a little competition for both of us? Their biological father doesn't spend any time with them. But maybe in future I can become famous artist ))) I do not like just to sit and do nothing. Some times we like to play bowling. It will be conquered! It can give you some answers to your questions. He is very grateful and loving creature!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

svitlanka has very bubbly personality, she is always active and very communicative. Always smiling and has some good words for everyone. Elena is a very charming, mature, beautiful, sociable,and trustworthy lady And the family which she will create with her future husband will be based on love and mutual understanding. She is smiling and positive! The girl is very active, open, honest and positive. Of course she needs a reliable, caring man near her who will support her in her beginnings.

How would I describe myself

But I am young lady who has already created an image of happy future. Each day for me is a kind of experience that makes me stronger either it's bad or good. I am looking for my life-partner and hope to find him here. My future goals are I want to find a good father for my daughter! I know what I want from my life. I am cheerful, smiling, optimistic and friendly. I am really tired of being lonely and want to find my love and happiness. I try to enjoy every moment of my life, because we live only once and there will be no chance of repeating the moment.

My typical day

I like to get as much from this life as possible that is why I go to theaters, cinemas and other places together with my friends. It is a usual day of a working person. Very often after work I go to the gym as I try to keep myself fit. I do physical exercises for my body and my physical health. Right now my days are all about my studying, as well as some free time that I dedicate to either my friends or close people or my family. I get to work and start my crazy working day that last till 6 p. Work takes the biggest part of my day. I come home in the evening.

My future goals are

I'm a kind of music lover and I listen to different kinds of music from classic to rock. I like to make people smiling and laughing around me and that is why I have a lot of friends. I am a direct person and I say what I think. If I fall in love I can do everything for my soul mate.

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